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Plug-in Electric Vehicles Becoming More Popular

Image result for picture of plug in vehicle The electric vehicle is becoming more popular these days in developed countries. Most developed nations now allow and encourage the use of plug-in-electric vehicles instead of conventional vehicles that pollute the environment, for instance, the global successive sales of plug-in electric vehicles reached 5 million in 2018. (Wikipedia) Many users of electric vehicle find it more economical than the conventional vehicle which has high cost of maintenance. Here are some countries that allow the use of electric vehicles: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and United States. (Wikipedia) There is no gainsaying that, electric vehicles are used in many nations, though they are expensive, yet they are cost effective and easier to maintain than conventional vehicles and more importantly, they are safer for our environment.  

5 Longest Notable Highways in the World

Part of Pan-America Highway

Part of Pan-America Highway

Highway is the major road that connects cities, towns, communities and villages in a given environment. It is usually used for the effective and safe transportation of people and goods over a long distance. Before a highway is constructed in an area, there are factors that are being considered such as expected traffic flow, pavement thickness, intersection or interchange design, maintenance, economic and social benefits, environmental impact assessment, and safety among others. However, here are the five notable highways in the world:
  1. The Pan-American Highway
People believe that this highway is the longest in the world. For instance, Wikipedia wrote that the network of the highway in North America is close to 48, 000 km in length. The highway cuts across nations, towns and communities. The highway is a major road network that links two continents: North America and South America together, thereby cutting across different countries such as US, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama in North America while in South America it links Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. The Pan-American Highway is about 15,000 miles.
  1. Australia’s Highway 1
Australia is not just a nation but a continent on its own. Since a highway stands as a major road network linking communities or towns together in an environment, hence, the Australia Highway 1 plays this specific role linking major state capitals across the nation. The Australia Highway 1 connects all the states in Australia from Capital Territory to New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and Tasmania. The total length of the Highway 1 is estimated to be 14,500 km which is about 9,000 miles. It is known to be the longest national highway in the world.
  1. Trans-Siberian Highway in Russia
Russia is a very large and developed country with one of the longest highways in the world. The highway covers not less than 10,000 kilometres from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok and is popularly known as the Trans-Siberian Highway, although the name is yet to be acknowledged by the authorities. The said highway is made up of different roads which include: M10 Russia highway; M5 Ural highway; Irtysh highway; Siberia highway; Baikal highway; Amur highway; and Ussuri highway.
  1. Trans-Canada Highway in Canada
It is a national highway in Canada that passes through the 10 provinces of Canada, with a length of 7,821 km which is about 4,860 miles. The Trans-Canada Highway is usually abbreviated to TCH or T-Can. The national highway passes through major cities such as: Victoria, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Greater Sudbury, Peterborough, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Charlottetown, Fredericton, Moncton, Sydney, and St. John’s.
  1. The Golden Quadrilateral Highway in India
This is national highway in India with 5,846 kilometres which is about 3,633 miles road network that links 4 major Indian metropolitan cities. This explains why it was named Golden Quadrilateral, these cities are: Delhi (North), Chennai (South), Kolkata (East) and Mumbai (West). The highway is the largest road project completed in India and the 5th longest highway in the world. It is also important to note that the GQ highway links all the 13 states in India and it is only the national highway in India. The importance of the highway cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the fact that it provides smooth and faster transport links to cities, ports, industries, India’s cultural centres among others, it also boosts industrial development and job creation. The GQ provides access or connection to the following major cities in India which include: New Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer (Rajasthan); Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar (Gujarat); Mathura, Varanasi, Agra, Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh); Mumbai and Pune (Maharashtra); Bangalore (Karnataka); Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh); Chennai (Tamil Nadu); Bhubaneswar (Orissa), Kolkata (West Bengal), etc.
Electric cars being  charged with electric public charger

Electric Cars and Its Notable Benefits

  Electric cars are the vehicles that rely on rechargeable battery as source of energy instead of fuel as we have in the conventional car. Since the discovery and advent of electric cars, notable improvements have been made to make electric vehicles more efficient and suitable than the conventional car. It is also important to note that these days, there is an increase in the number of electric cars used in the world due to the huge benefits the users enjoy with electric vehicles. Benefits of Electric Automobile
  1. The operation cost is low because recharging a battery is cheaper when compared with the much money spent on fuel, engine oil, brake oil, etc. that are consumed by conventional vehicles.
  2. The maintenance cost is low when you compare it to conventional car with internal combustion engine.
  3. It is environmental friendly. The electric vehicle helps to reduce carbon emission into the air.
  4. It reduces the likely health problems that are often caused by petrol and diesel powered vehicles.
  5. Electric automobile is designed in the interest of road safety when you compare it to fuel or diesel powered vehicles, e.g. fire explosion.
  6. It reduces high dependence on imported diesel or petrol.
  7. The fully recharged battery may power the vehicle longer than refueling the conventional car.
  8. The electric car is more efficient than the conventional car.
Electric vehicles are efficient, ecological and also economical to use.  

Moving from Fossil Fuel Automobile to Electric Automobile

Image result for pictures of electric cars Toyota Electric car charging its battery. First and foremost, electric car is an electric vehicle that makes use of rechargeable batteries to move the object in a particular direction through one or more electric motors. The electric vehicle is cost effective when compared to other vehicles. In a bid towards zero-emission vehicles, automobile companies have begun to produce electric vehicles in large numbers. For instance, in 2015, RAV4 EV second generation model sold 2,489 units in California in the United States. By September, 2017, Tesia sold over 250,000 electric vehicles globally; in October 2017, Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi sold over 500,000 electric vehicles, etc. With the increase in the number of electric vehicles sold, there will be charging stations for the public where electric automobiles can be charged. Nissan Automobile is an example of automobile company producing electric cars in the world e.g. Nissan Leaf, Toyota Rav4 electric vehicle, etc. As at 2018, not less than 5.3 million electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles were in use throughout the world. Several nations are now planning to stop the use of fossil oil and diesel powered automobiles in the nearest future. Such countries include Norway by 2025; China by 2030; India by 2030; Germany by 2030; France by 2040 and Britain by 2040. However, there are electric vehicles that use other sources of energy, for instance, there’s an electric vehicle that uses solar panel as the source of its energy, it is called solar car.

5 Safety Tips for Your Car Tyre

Destroyed blown out tire with exploded, shredded and damaged tire on a modern automobile. damaged truck rubber after tire explosion at high speed. Damaged flat tires: old car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that over 700 people die every year in road accidents caused by tyre failure. In addition, The National Transportation Safety Board reveals that more than 500 people die while about 19,000 people are injured every year in auto crashes related to tyre failure.However, as motorist here are the safety tips you need to know:
  1. Do not delay to replace your tyre, if it is worn out
  2. Reduce your speed during rain or wet weather
  3. Do not overload your vehicle
  4. Carry out regular checks on your vehicle alignment
  5. Check your tyre pressure at least twice in a month and more importantly before a long journey.
All motorists are advised through this platform to take the issue of tyre safety more serious.  

5 Safety Tips for Your Car Tyre

Destroyed blown out tire with exploded, shredded and damaged tire on a modern automobile. damaged truck rubber after tire explosion at high speed. Damaged flat tires: old car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that over 700 people die every year in road accidents caused by tyre failure. In addition, The National Transportation Safety Board reveals that more than 500 people die while about 19,000 people are injured every year in auto crashes related to tyre failure. However, as a motorist here are safety tips you need to know:
  1. Do not delay to replace your tyre, if it is worn out
  2. Reduce your speed during rain or wet weather
  3. Do not overload your vehicle
  4. Carry out regular checks on your vehicle alignment
  5. Check your tyre pressure at least twice in a month and more importantly before a long journey.
All motorists are advised through this platform to take the issue of tyre safety more serious.  

Railway Accident in 2018

train crash In recent years railway transportation has witnessed a phenomenal growth and success in its operations. Its unique qualities and benefits over other modes of public transport contribute to its big success. Many passengers prefer to make use of rail transport for their long and short journeys because it is reliable, faster, economical and also free from heavy traffic. For instance, for both long-distance and sub-urban routes, Indian Railway (IR) operates more than 20,000 passenger trains daily across India. ( › wiki › Indian_Railways)   It is also estimated in India that an average 30 million passengers make use of railway transport every day. ( › On-average-how-many-people-are-on-the-go-in-a-) According to Wikipedia, in 2018 Amtrak served 31.7 million passengers. With the given figures, it is clear that millions of people around the world make use of railway transport daily. Likewise, rail transport can also be used to move bulk of goods or large percentage of cargoes around the world daily. For instance, between 2012 and 2013, India Railway moved 1,010 million tons of cargo while in 2017, 1,106 billion tons of goods were moved in India (Wikipedia). In Canada in 2018, 34.7 million tons of freight were moved by rail transport (October 2018- Statistics Canada). In 2017, Germany Railway moved 400 million tons of cargoes (The Federal Statistical Office). Needless to say that rail transport plays two key roles as over-land public transport in moving cargo and people in large numbers. However, despite these two key roles and the fact that railway transport is free from traffic jam, yet, it is not free from accidents. Here are rail accidents in 2018:
  1. On 16th October 2018, close to Bouknadel area in Morocco, a passenger train derailed; not more than 7 people died and 125 people were injured.
  2. On 19th October 2018, at the eastern outskirts of Amritsar, Punjab, two Indian passenger trains ran into a gathering of people who came together on the railway track to witness Hindu celebration of Dussehra; not less than 59 people were killed while not less than 100 people were injured.
  3. On 4th October 2018, two trains collided in Cayce, South Carolina, of Columbia. Amtrak Silver Star passenger train from New York City collided with stationary CSX Transportation freight train; 2 people were killed while 116 people were injured.
  4. In 2018, Corlu train in Turkey derailed; 24 people died and 276 were injured while 42 people were seriously injured.
  5. On 31st January 2018, an accident occurred at Lanetown Road in Crozet when the Amtrak train known as Congressional Special Train 923 collided with a refuse disposal van at a level crossing. No death or serious injury was recorded.
  6. On 4th January 2018, a train in South Africa derailed after it collided with a truck at a level crossing at Ceneva Station. It was noted that after the derailment, 7 out of the 12 coaches were burnt. However, 21 people were killed in the accident while 254 passengers were injured.
  7. On 13th December 2018, a passenger train collided with a locomotive train in an area close to Yenimahalie in Ankara Province, Turkey. At the occurrence of the accident, 9 people died and 84 people were injured.
  8. On 12th February 2018, two trains collided in Austria at Niklasdorf. The coaches of the two trains derailed leading to the death of a passenger while 22 passengers were injured.
  9. On 20th September 2018, a train collided at a level crossing with a Stint cart at Oss, North Brabant, Netherlands. The occupants of the cart were children; four of them died in the accident while two of them were seriously injured.
  10. On 25th January 2018, a passenger train derailed in Pioltello. Three people died in the accident while 100 people were injured.
  11. On 21st October 2018, a train derailed in Taiwan in an area known as Yilan County. The rail accident killed 18 people and injured 187 passengers.
  12. On 24th July 2018, a railway accident in India at St Thomas Mount Station on Chennai Beach- Tambaram section killed 5 people and injured 4 people. The accident occurred when a wall hit the passenger hanging on the train doors.
Railway accident is often traceable to human error, therefore, safety must not be underestimated in railway operations.

Transformational Road Safety Education for Teens

Image result for picture showing tenegers crossing the road According to a worldwide report, over 3,000 adolescents die every day. In Britain in 2015, road accidents killed 145 people aged 10 to 19 and left 3,166 more seriously injured (BBC News  According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 2,715 teenage drivers aged between 13 and 19 died in road accidents in 2015. More so, 2,927 teenagers died in road accidents in 2013. ( Road transportation is the highest killer of teenagers in the world ( Looking at the rate of road accidents in our contemporary world, mostly in developing countries, it may be difficult to see another mode of transport that will claim the lives of many innocent people, sending them to their early grave as it is in road transportation. Road transportation is inevitable to all as we are all road users. Therefore, there is the need to confront the problem of high rate of road accidents sending the teens to their early grave, with the kind of road safety education that will develop the skills to make use of the road safely and to develop road safety consciousness at their early age. It is important to design model transformational road safety education for the teens that will be taught throughout their school periods, so the whole mind of the child can develop the skills to consider safety first when making use of the road. The more we teach our children road safety education, the more important it becomes for them to make use of the road safely. When we start to educate the teens on road safety as a subject in their schools, and with a growing understanding of road safety, this will allow acute focus and concentration whenever they are making use of the road, mostly with the kids that go to nearby schools without any adult accompanying them. This kind of model education from primary to secondary school will create waking consciousness in them, whenever they attempt to use the road. Without an element of doubt, schools can be used through transformational road safety education to reduce high rate of road accidents affecting quite a number of teenagers, sending them to their early grave at their tender age. It is high time we realized the importance of using the classrooms to model a civilized society on road safety, where a community of responsible teenagers are raised with a mindset of zero tolerance to high rate of road accidents. Hence, the saying ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’  


Driving is a very important task that all motorists must not take for granted. As a result of the poor safety consciousness of some drivers, several avoidable accidents occur. When safety is compromised, many road users are sent to their early grave while many other innocent road users are left with permanent injury. A vehicle can pose serious danger on the road if the driver of such a vehicle fails to be safety conscious while driving. However, here are 5 safety tips a driver is expected to keep while driving:
  1. Be sure that your wing and rear-view mirrors are properly positioned, for you to see what is behind you.Image result for pictures showing drivers using car mirrorsImage result for pictures showing drivers using car mirrors
  2. Drive at a speed that is safe. Do not over-speed, it killsImage result for pictures showing drivers driving car at high speeds
  3. Be more tolerant of other road users.Image result for pictures showing drivers sharing road rage
  4. Be a good observer while making use of the roadRelated image
  5. When you drive don’t sleep and when you feel like sleeping park your car and sleep, it is highly dangerous to drive while drowsy.
Driving is a task that demands a high level of concentration in order to make our roads safe for all of us.

Sea Transport: A means for industrial growth

sea transport

sea transport

Marine transportation is undoubtedly boosting the growth of industry in the world. The mode is used for transporting the largest number of cargoes or containers across the globe more than any other modes, Millions of containers are moved across the sea virtually every day and no other mode of transport can match its capacity. Import and export of goods in large numbers around the world are made possible to a large extent through sea transportation. The efficacy of maritime transport to increase the growth of industries in the world cannot be underestimated. Industries producing different items in large quantities would prefer their products to be carried to where they are needed beyond their geographical locations. To achieve this purpose transport by sea is a better option than air transport in terms of capacity and affordability. Sea transport is highly cost effective and most importantly its capacity to carry heavy loads or bulk cargoes than any other mode in international transport cannot be overemphasized. Maritime transportation plays an important role in the industrial revolution of any nation and today, world trade growth record cannot be divorced from the impact of sea transportation. However, here are the ways that sea transport has contributed to the growth of industry in the world:
  1. It boosts trade expansion on alarge scale.
  2. It gives consumersthe benefit of having access to products that are produced by other nations.
  3. It is cheaper, thereby reducing the transportation cost that would have increased the cost of production.
  4. Regular and efficient maritime transportation is a means to reducing congestion at the sea port. In other words, it can be used to reduce congestion at the sea port.
  5. It boosts the nation’s
  6. It creates room for globalization. Marine transportation moves larger goods or cargoes from one continent or nation to another.
  7. Sea transportation serves as a complement to other modes of transport. Sea ports often serve as a point of loading and off-loading of cargoes.
  8. Maritime transport plays a key role in the globalized market. Global freight transportation is a critical element to industrial growth.
Base on the roles sea transport plays in industrial development, it is clear that it is a mode that enhances economic prosperity and quality of life.

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