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List of rail accidents in the year 2015

Often the time, I have seen people talking about road accident either on radio or news paper while a plane crash make a big noise in the world, but it is not common to see many people in the country, talking about rail accident when you compare it to how they talk about road accident or plane crash in the country. At this point, it is interesting to let you know that there are several rail accidents in 2015 that you need to know and here below are the list of rail accidents in the said year:

  • 7th of January- Canada – A CN freight train 114 cars derails between the community of Jarrow, Alberta and village of lrma. 23 cars also derail.
  • 14th of January-USA- A Texas Department of Criminal Justice bus with 12 inmates and 3 officers was traveling from Abilene, Texas to El Paso, Texas when it collided with a train, near Odessa, Texas, killing 10.
  • 3rd February, in USA, A Metro-North Railroad train strikes one car at a crossing near Valhalla, New York, and cateches on fire, killing 6 people.
  • 13th of February, in India, Anekal derailment of intercity Express in the Bangalore of Kamataka, India killing 10 and injuring 150 more.
  • 16th February, in Canada A CN freight train transporting crude oil derails 80 km south of Timmins, Ontaro. 29 of 100 cars derail and 7 crude oil tank cars catch fire.
  • 16th Feburary, in US.- A CSX freight train derails in West Virginina. A broken rail caused 19 Bakken crude oil tank cars to catch fire, with 1,100 people evacuated from their homes nearby.
  • February 20 in Switzerland-Rafz train crash an S-Bahn train and an interregio express train collide at Rafz.
  • 24th of February, in US. Oxnard train derailment a Metrolink train hits a road vehicle at Oxnard, California. The train engineer dies and 29 others are injured.
  • 25th February, in US, A CN freight train traveling from Winnipeg, Mnitoba to Superior, Wisconsin derails 25 miles northwest of Duluth, Minnesota. Thirteen of 107 cars in the train derail, some of which contain naphthalene. No injuries or spills were reported.
  • 2 March in US. A Pacific train hauling hazardous material derails near Meacham, Oregon; 10 cars jump the tracks in a narrow canyon overlooking Meacham Creek.
  • 5 March in US. A BNSF oil train derails in a rural area near Galena, Illinois. 21 of the 105 cars, leave the track and catch fire, which continues to burn, no injuries are reported.
  • 6 March in Netherlands- A passenger train runs into the rear of a freight train between Tilburg Universiteit and Tilburg stations. A few passenger suffer slight injuries.
  • 7th of March in Canada- A CN freight train derails near the small Northern Ontario village of Gogama, Ontario. 40 out of 100 cars derail, with 5 of them entering the Makami River and 7 carrying crude oil catching fire and burning for several days.
  • 7th of March UK. – A charter train overruns a signal at Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire and comes to a stop foul of a junction, where an express train has passed through a minute earlier. As a direct result of the incident, West Coast Railway Company were banned from accessing all lines in the UK as of 3 April, 2015.
  • 9th of March in United States- An Amtrak passenger train collides with a tractor trailer in Halifax, North Carolina. No life-threatening injuries were reported. The accident was caught on video.
  • 10 March in Vietnam- A passenger train collide with a vehichle on level crossing in Hai Lang District and is derailed. The train driver is killed and 4 people were seriously injured.
  • 12 March in Netherlands- A fire occurs on a passenger train at Abcoude, Utrecht. All on board are evacuated. 24 people are taken to hospital.
  • 15 March in US.- A Norfolk Southern freight train crashes into a white Toyota Camry car with 4 passengers in it while it was crossing the tracks at a level crossing in Buechel, Kentucky. 2 people were killed in the crash while 2 were injured and taken to nearby hospital.
  • 20 March in India- 15 people are killed, 150 are injured as the Dehradun-Varanasi Janta Express derails in Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli.
  • 26 March in Thailand- A passenger train runs into the rear of another in Phachi District. 52 people are injured in the collision, three seriously.
  • 28th of March in USA- an Expo Line train collides with two cars causing the 2015 Los Angeles train crash. There are at least 21 injuries.
  • 31st of March in Australia- A freight train runs into the rear of another at Keswick, Adelaide, South Australia. At least one of the rail is derailed and 2 level crossings are blocked.
  • 10th of April in Canada- A freight train derails north east of Calgary, Alberta.
  • 15th of April in United Kingdom- A empty Southern Class 377 train unit no. 118 derails in Lovers Walk, Brighton causing damage to electrical cable that supply power. No passengers were in the train but the driver is not injured by the result. Buses replace train in the afternoon and the morning of 16/4/2015.
  • 27 April in US. – Several well cars of a Union Pacific train derail off a Bridge City, Louisiana during a severe storm.
  • 28 April in South Africa- Two passenger trains collide at Denver station, near Johannesburg. One person is killed and about 240 people are injured.
  • 6 May in US. – A train derails near Heimdal, North Dakota, which ignites a crude oil fire in 6 tanker cars and forces the evacuation of approximately 40 nearby residents. Npo injuries or fatalities were reported.
  • 12 May in US. – Amtrak passenger train Northeast Regional Train 188, coming from Washington D. C. to New York City and carring an estimated 238 passengers and five crew, derails and partially rolls over on its side in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the Port Richmond neighborhood. Out of the 243 passengers and crew on the train more than 200 are injured in the derailment, with a confirmation of 8 deaths. This is the U. S.‘s deadliest train incident in almost 6 years.
  • 13 May,-US. A CSX freight train collides with a bus in East Point, Georgia that was trapped on a railroad crossing by traffic, while stopped at a traffic light. 6 people were injured in the wreck.
  • 16 May in Germany- A passenger train collides with an agricultural vehicle on a level crossing at lbbenburen, North-Rhine Westphalia. 2 people are killed and 20 are injured.
  • 25 May, in India – An express train derails between Athsarai amd Sirathu stations, Uttar Pradesh. 2 people are killed and over 100 are injured.
  • 30 May, in UK. 2 electric multiple units collide at Cambridge. 3 people are injured.
  • 11 June in Tunisia 19 people are killed and 98 injured when a rush hour passenger train hits a lorry and derails at an unmarked crossing south of Tunis. Most of the dead were passenger on the train which hit the lorry around 60 km south of the capital the transport ministry said.
  • 28 June in India an electric unit overruns the buffers at churchgate, Mumbai. Five people are injured.
  • 30 June in UK. A freight train is derailed near Langworth, Lincoishire.
  • July 2nd in US. A train carrying hazardous materials goes off of its tracks near Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • July 2nd in Pakistan Army passenger train is derailed when a bridge over a canal collapses under it at Gujiranwala.19 of the 300 people on board are killed.
  • 18th of July, in South Africa 2 passenger trains are in collision at Booysens, Johannesburg. Over 100 people are injured.
  • 22nd of July, in Czech Republic- A train crashes with a truck in Studenka whereby 3 people die and 13 others are injured.
  • 26 July in UK. – A Southeastern Class 375 collides with herd of cattle on the line at Chilham, kent and 375703’s front coach is derailed. There are no injuries amongst the 70 passengers.
  • 1st of August, in Uk- A ballast train runs into the rear of another ballast train near Cumnock, Ayrshire. Both trains are derailed.
  • 4th of August in India- 2 passenger trains are derailed near Kudawa, Madhya Pradesh due to the tracked being washed away by the Machak River. 29 people are killed.
  • August 8, in Russian- Passenger train with number 233 in Mordovia derails because of boarding of the rails. 4 railcars of a passenger train en route from Yekaterinburg to Adler run off the rails in Mordovia. 5 passengers are injured.
  • 24th of August, in India-A Bangalore-Nanded Express train number 16594 is rammed by a granite-laden truck at level crossing near Madakasira in Anantapur district, leading to derailment of 4 coaches and killing 6 people.
  • 12 September in Germany- A passenger train collides with a car in Monzingen, killing the 5 occupants of the car.
  • 12 September in India- A passenger train derails on the Kalka-Shimla Railway killing 2 and injuring 9 of the 37 passengers on board.
  • 16 September, in Germany- A passenger train is in collision with a bus on a level crossing at Hedendorf. All those on board the bus, which had stalled, had been evacuated before the accident. 1 passenger on the train is injured.
  • 5th of October, in US. – An Amtrak passenger train strikes rocks on the line and derails near Northfield, Vermont.
  • 24 October in US. A southbound Union Pacific freight train hauling 64 cars of gravel and concrete materials was swept off the tracks by flood waters just north of Corsicana, Texas, after Hurricane Patricia’s weak remnants dumped 18 inches of rain on the area over a 2-day period. Both crew members were rescued from the flood waters uninjured.
  • 14 November, in France- A high speed TVG test train derails near Eckwersheim, north of Strasbourg (Alsace), killing 11 people and injuring the remaining 49 survivors; no criminal cause is suspected, despite the event taking place hours after the November 2015 Paris attacks.
  • 14 November, in US. A freight train collided with a Toyota Camry in North Carolina, killing the 2 elderly passengers of the vehicle.
  • 17 November, in Pakistan- The Jaffar Express is derailed at Aab-e-Gum. 20 people are killed and 96 injured.
  • 27 December, in Australia- A freight train carrying 819,000 litres of sulphuric acid derails 20 km (20mi) east of Julia Creek, Queensland, leaking up to 31, 500 litres of acid.

The World leading Rail-Manufacturer Companies you need to know: by Peter Owinje

Railway transportation is one of the transport modes that suitable for large transportation of people and cargos over a long distance. It is efficient and cheap in carrying a large number of people and goods more than any other overland transports. These important qualities make it more relevant and preferable in overland transport. Therefore, I think it is important to talk about the manufacturers of rail vehicles in the world. Here below the leading rail-manufacturer companies in the world:

Bombardier: This is the number one leading manufacturer company of rail-vehicles. It is a Canadian company that was established in 1940s; and ii 19 70s the company engaged in rail business and the headquarters of the company transportation division is located in Germany. However, the company has not less than 59 production and engineering sites and 20 service centers in 25 countries. It is interesting to know that over 100,000 rail- vehicles and 2,500 trams and light rail-vehicles produced by Bombardier Company are used throughout the world. In addition, the company also supplied more than 3,000 sub-way cars to the United Kingdom, China and India. More so, the company is the major provider of commuter and regional trains in France and Germany. It is also interesting to know that Bombardier Company and Alstom Company built Amatrak’s Acela Express. Indeed, Bombardier is the largest rail-vehicle manufacturer in the world.

Alstom: Alstom is the 2nd largest rail-vehicles manufacturer company that was established in 1928, and started to manufacture rail-vehicles in 1932, and its headquarters is located in France. The company built over 400 TGVs that are used in France while another over 640 in used throughout the world. In addition, the company built another faster rail-vehicle 2008, knows as AGVs with a high speed of 225 miles per hour. However, it is important to note that Alstom tops the global market for very high speed rail-vehicles. It is the second largest manufacturer of tram and subway vehicles in the world.

Siemens: it’s a German company that was established in 1847. The company with Bombardier’s Adtranz manufacture high speed train knows as ICE 2, it also, supplied a quite number of ICE 3 trains to some countries which are Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Russia and China. The company has made a good history in Shanghai by designing and building the Maglev train which is the only railway system in operation till date.

Kawasaki and other Japanese companies: these Japanese companies that specialize in rail manufacturing are among the big companies in Japan. It’s worthy to note that the rail division of Kawasaki firms has manufactured over 90,000 rail vehicles since 1906. Each rail manufacturer company in Japan can design and build slower-speed trains while high-speed trains are design and build in collaboration with other rail manufacturers which are Nippon Sharyo, Hitachi, Kawasaki, Kinki Sharyo, Mitsubishi, and Tokyo Car Corp. However, some countries have placed order for Japanese train the countries include Taiwan, China, India and United Kingdom.

China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock (CSR) and China Northern Locomotive and Rolling Stock (CNR): These 2 china’s companies were established in 2001. The CSR specialized in producing electric locomotives, high-speed electrical multiple units (EMUs), and certain types of subway vehicles. However, CNR specialized in producing diesel locomotives, very-high speed (EMUs) and certain types of subway vehicles. However, both companies manufacture high speed rail in collaboration with the leading international rail manufacturers.

These are the rail manufacturing companies that produce many rail vehicles that are used in the world today. The existence of these manufacturing companies is a boost to rail transport operation in the world.

Source credited to: Global Competitiveness in the Rail and Transit Industry by: Michael Renner and Gary Gardner.



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