What is Safety?
Safety, as it were, means freedom from danger; it is a state of being safe. Hence,
to ensure there is safety, different things or objects may be used as parts of safety
measures such as human, sign, symbol, education, advertisement, weapon to
mention but a few.

What is Road Safety?
Road safety involves all activities engaged to make all the road users free from
danger. It can also be defined as those measures and methods put in place to
protect all road users from being injured or killed while making use of the road.
However, the road safety of every road user must be the utmost importance of all
the levels of government; hence, the need to implement the road safety policy
that will protect the life of all road users is inevitable. It is the responsibility of all
concerned, in different countries, to enforce the road safety rules and regulations.
In addition, improving road safety in any given environment will surely involve the
following sectors: transportation, health care, emergency service, law
enforcement and education. This 5 agents must be active and ready at all time to
rise up to the task.
It is also good for transport authorities to set a target. Road safety target should
be understandable, cost-effective, monitored, realistic and achievable.
What is Policy?
It is the set of principles and guidelines adopted to achieve the organizational

What is a road safety policy?
It is a set of principles and guidelines formulated to improve the safety of all road
users. It is the statement of various steps to be taken-over to achieve the
envisaged targets set in this field of transport to tackle identified safety issues or
problems. In simple language, it is the wisdom and method of action to guide and
determine both the present and the future affairs of safety in road transportation.

A good road safety policy is meant to look into the different risks associated with
road transport and provide solutions to eliminate all the risks. It is the one that
ensures risks of injuries and deaths are low and manageable.
However, it should be noted that proper planning is important to achieve the
road safety goals. Hence, the road safety plan must contain a vision statement,
policy guidelines, strategies and specific actions to be taken.
High rate of deaths and injuries on public roads are not a fundamental law of
nature as many people assume. Many people believe it is fate for someone to be
injured or die in a road accident. I humbly and firmly wish to let you know that
most accidents on our roads are caused by human errors and that most accidents
we see are avoidable accidents.
All that is needed to eliminate risks or to reduce high rate of deaths and injuries
on our roads is the road safety policy and strong commitment by concerned
institutions to implement the policy. However, examples of countries that have
been successful in improving their road safety are: Sweden, New Zealand,
Netherland and Japan, amongst others. They are able to achieve this feat as a
result of their strong road safety policies as well as strong commitment to
implement them.