1. Public transportation reduces congestion: Public transportation helps to reduce the likely travel delays on our cities.
  2. It helps to build a strong economy: It enhances business; it enhances personal economic opportunity; it creates and sustains employment etc. Indeed it is a basis for a prosperous economy.
  3. It helps to conserves energy and reduces oil dependence: By using public transportation people can help to reduce the country’s dependency on oil.
  4. Use of public transportation is a step to safeguard the environment against air pollution hence, it improve air quality and health.
  5. Only public transportation has the capacity to move large number of people quickly during emergency and disasters.
  6. It provides access or mobility for urban and rural areas.
  7. It enhances and promotes real estate values and development. For instance, a building (property) that near the transit is more valued than the similar building that is far from the transit.
  8. It provides mobility for all categories of people e.g. young or old, student or apprentice, rich or poor, etc.
  9. It makes necessary health care delivery and human service possible.
  10. Public transportation reduces the rate of accident in the society.