In virtually every year over 130 children die while more than 4,500 kids are seriously injured while using the road in UK. Source: childalert. Since, children are also part of the road users then, you need to foster a culture of safe and courteous road use in them. To allow them to use the road they need to have good road sense and being road smart, these explain why you need to teach your kids how to be a safe road users. However, it is not about teaching them alone you also need to lay down a good example for them to see and follow; this is because children learn fast from their parents or adult. Good road sense may not come to them naturally as expected, therefore, here are some tips you need to teach them:
  1. Whenever you want to cross the road with your children always choose a safe point for them and take time to tell the reason why you choose a safe point.
  2. Make it known to them that it is safer to cross the road at zebra-crossing.
  3. Warn them not to cross the road if they cannot see far on the road.
  4. Warn them not to cross the road in between parked vehicles because the vehicle may start moving and the driver may find it difficult to see them very well.
  5. Tell them that whenever they are crossing the road, they should walk straight across the road and keep look and listening out for traffic.
  6. Make it known to them that they must wait for vehicles from both directions to stop before crossing the road.
  7. Also make it known to them that if a road is separated with an island in the middle or median, each road must be treated separately.
  8. You need to also tell them to watch out for cyclists and motorcyclists whenever they are on the road.
  9. Teach them to be used foot path where possible.
  10. Always hold your child’s hand when you are crossing or walking on the road.