Related image A shipwreck 1. RMS TITANIC RMS Titanic is one of the popular shipwrecks in the world history. It was an ocean liner said to be unsinkable but later proved to be most notable sinkable ship in the world. In 1912, precisely on April 10, the ship was on a journey. 4 days as the journey progressed, precisely on April 14, 1912, the ship suddenly hit an iceberg just before the midnight and the ship sank less than 3 hours, killing 1,514 lives. However, in 1985, a Franco-American expedition discovered the ship and found that the ship split into 2 parts, each part lying about a 3 rd of a mile from each other. 2. RMS REPUBLIC RMS Republic was built 1903 and sank on January 24, 1909 at about 8:40p.m. 6 lives were said to be lost in that incident. The bad incident occurred in 1909, on January 23 rd , when the ship collided with the Lloyd Italiano liner SS Florida and the ship sank at about 8:40 p.m. on the said day. 3. RMS LUSITANIA RMS Lusitania started operation in 1906 and it sank on May 7 th , 1915. 1, 191 lives were said to be lost in that incident. It was said that the shipwreck was caused by a German U-boat. 4. USS ARIZONA USS Arizona was specially built for the US Navy in1915. It was bombed by the Japanese on December 7 th , 1941. It was said that 1, 177 crew members and officers were killed in the incident. On the 5 th of May, the shipwreck became National Historic Landmark in the US and the remains, known as USS Arizona Memorial, are viewable in the US. 5. THE MARY ROSE It was a Tudor warship used during the reign of Henry VIII and it was used in many battles against France, Britain and Scotland and it was sunk during a battle against French. 6. VASA It was a Swedish warship, believed to have been built between 1626 and 1628. It sank on the 10 th of August, 1628, after being hit by strong winds and flooding, sinking 20 minutes and less than a mile into its journey. 7. THE ANNE’S REVENGE It was an 18 th century warship popularly known as the ship of the legendary pirate Blackbeard. It used the ship less than a year with greatest achievement during this short period of time. 8. MV DONA PAZ MV Dona Paz is referred to as the deadliest of all peacetime maritime disasters. In December 20 th , 1987, the Philippine registered ferry with over 4,000 passengers collided with an oil tanker MT Vector resulting into fire accident killing an estimated number of 4, 386 passengers and there were only 24 survivors. It took 8 hours for Philippine maritime authorities to hear of the incident due to poor communication equipment. However, because of the fatal incident, it is referred to as ‘Asia’s Titanic’ 9. THE BLACK SWAN It is a Spanish war ship known as Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes. The warship sank in 1804 off Portugal territorial waters. However, in 2007 an American Company, Odyssey Marine Exploitation, discovered gold, worth of $500 million. However, the Spanish government made it known to be the rightful owner of the said gold, hence the case was decided in the US Supreme Court, and the court ordered the gold should be returned to Spanish authorities. 10. MS WORLD DISCOVERER It was a Danish cruise ship manufactured in 1974. The disaster occurred when the ship struck a rock at the Solomon Islands; all the passengers survived the incident.