xRelated imagesource: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-39589153 It is no longer uncommon that road transport is the most used mode of transport in the world. It plays an important role in the social aspect of an individual’s life as well as in the daily economic activities of different industries. The importance of investments in road transportation as an important tool for economic growth, job creation and poverty eradication cannot be over-emphasized in our modern day societies. To this end, a cursory look at certain 10 important benefits of road transportation in our societies will be necessary:

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1. It is an effective means of national marketing. It can be used to bring new products to consumers in any part of a nation. 2. It enhances marketing; most marketers nowadays are given vehicles for effective marketing. 3. It enhances smooth operations of any industries. 4. Road transportation can be employed indirectly to motivate and boost staff morale. How? I guess you may want to ask. This is so when an organization gives their staff official cars and road transport provides carriages for such vehicles to be used and as a result of this, it will definitely motivate and boost their morale. 5. Road transportation can be used to increase customer satisfaction. Why? This is because of its flexibility advantage over other modes of transport; it can be used to deliver products to final consumer by using micro processes in  transport management that focuses on implementation of pick-up, delivery and monitoring. 6. The efficient use of road transport can reduce the costs of production thereby increase the organization’s profitability on its products. 7. In production process, smooth and efficient use of road transportation can be used to prevent unnecessary delay and to reduce waste (mostly waste of time) and consequently increase productivity. 8. Road transportation also plays an important role in both inbound and outbound logistics services. The storage and movement of final products from the point of production to the end user and also movement of materials, parts, or finished inventory from suppliers to manufacturers or assembly plants, warehouses or retail stores within a nation are all factors that make road transportation indispensable in logistics services. 9. Road transportation is the most suitable mode for even distribution of different products to final consumers. 10. More importantly the successful management of any enterprise depend on efficient use of road transportation among others.