Logistics is an important factor that contributes to the progress of many organizations around the world. Logistics provides viable supports to enhance the smooth productivities of many organizations. One of the ways among others to increase the productivity of any organization is to engage the service of reputable logistics firm. Logistics provides auxiliary support to an organization the areas of: materials handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, ware housing, and often security. These services are needed for any organization to excel in a competitive world. However, here below are the lists of 10 top logistics firms around the world. The ranking is based on the income of each company.
  1. DHL Logistics: DHL is the number one on the list and one of the international logistics firm from Germany known as Deutsche Post. DHL provides services throughout the world on 4 major areas which are: (a) DHL Express (b) DHL Global Forwarding and (d) DHL Supply Chain. It is also important to note that many people prefer to send their urgent document and goods through DHL because of its efficiency, reliability and door-to-door quick delivery. The company has 325, 000 workers and its revenue in 2014 is $61, 830. 90m.
  2. UPS: The number 2 on the table is UPS. It started its operation as a logistics firm in 19 07, in USA by James Casey. The annual revenue is $58, 232m.
  3. FedEx: in 1971, the company started as Federal Express in US. It has 325,000 workers throughout the world. the company revenue is $45, 567m.
  4. SNCF: Is the French National Railways Company. The full meaning of NSCF is Societe National des Chemins de for Francais. The headquarters of the company is located in Monaco France. It is a state owned company that has 43,000 employees and its revenue is $30, 453. 6m.
  5. Kahn + Nagel: This company was established by August Kuehne and Friedrich Nagel in 1890 in Bremen Germany. The company is number 1 best sea freight forwarder and 2nd best cargo forwarder in the world. The company has more than 63, 000 in over 100 countries and its revenue is $ 22, 530. 64m.
  6. DB Schenter: It is a strong logistics firm and it has 2 major areas which are DB Logistics and DB Red. The company has over 2,000 locations and 95, 700, workers. The company is so viable to the extent that it maintains 32,000 regular schedule services in overland transportation per week and in air transportation, the air freight is not less than 1,200 of its own chartered planes per year. The revenue is $19. 800m.
  7. Nippon Express: It is a Japanese company that was established in 1937. The company has 29 areas of operation and it serves the following regions viz: America; Middle East; Africa; East Asia; South and South East Asia; Oceania and Japan. The staff strength is about 33, 153 workers. Revenue is $14, 061m.
  8. H. Robison: The company was established in 1905. The company carries out its operations 4 areas which are North America, South Africa, Europe and Asia. The logistics firm associates with 66,000 transport providers in order to boost its operations. The revenue is $13, 470. 07m.
  9. Panalpina: The logistics company was established in 1935. The logistics firm has not less than 500 offices in 70 countries. However, the core values of the firm are performance, integrity and professionalism.
  10. CEVA: It is full service transportation and logistics firm that fully provides freight management and contact logistics at 950 locations. Its revenue is $7, 864m.