Rail accident is becoming worrisome these days; hardly will you see a week without occurrence of rail accidents in the world. As transport demand for rail is increasing day by day, so also there’s direct increase in rail operations or activities, hence you see trains moving in different directions on their track and since they share land with motorists and other road users e.g. cyclists, pedestrian etc, the risk of people being involved in rail accident becomes inevitable. For instance, in U.S. it was discovered that the train hits a person or a vehicle every 3 hours and this accident always causes serious injuries or deaths. Source: Beyond Our Rails. However, it is important to know that these accidents are consequences of human errors that deserve individual special attention because they are preventable accidents. To this end, here are the ways to prevent rail accidents: 1. Be careful because rail has no inbuilt capacity to stop for you like a vehicle. It takes not less than a mile or more for an average train traveling at 55 miles per hour to stop for you. 2. If your vehicle suddenly stops on a highway-rail crossing, probably due to mechanical fault or for any other reason, you should let everybody move out of the vehicle far away from the rail track, then you can call the emergency number you see near the crossing or you call the law enforcement. It is because the train cannot avoid any object on its track. 3. Do not use the rail track as a footpath with impunity; it is risky, it may cause you your life, the train movement on its track is unpredictable. 4. Do not dare the speed of a moving train it may be faster than the way it appears. 5. Do not cross immediately after a train; wait with patience to see if another train is not moving in another direction. 6. Do not ignore the safety warning. 7. Do not jump out of a moving train 8. Always have it in mind that the train can move at anytime on its track. 9. Do not stop your vehicle on the track; before you cross make sure there is enough space between your vehicle and the end of the track. 10. It does no harm to be safety conscious.