Road safety can be simply referred to as those measures and methods putting in place in order to reduce the high risk of any person or any vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists for being killed or injured for using the road. Despite the fact, that human errors are the major cause of traffic problems, yet human being is still relied upon to improve the safety of road users. However, the essence of road safety is to prevent any serious injury and the likely death of any road users. Since, human being is relied on to make our roads safer hence; you need to know the following facts about road safety.
  1. In each year over 1.2 million people die in road accidents.
  2. In every year not less than 50 million people sustained injury or disabled by road accident.
  3. Do you know that not less than half of all road accident victims are vulnerable road users i.e. pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists?
  4. Road accident cost each country not less than 4% of its Gross National Product.
  5. Do you know that the use of seat belts alone can reduce the likely death in auto crash by 61%?
  6. The effective use of child restraints may reduce child death rate in road accident by 35%.
  7. Use of helmets can reduce fatal and serious head injuries by 45%.
  8. If the law of “if you drink don’t drive and if you drive don’t drink” is probably enforced, it can reduce the road accident that can be caused by alcohol by 20%.
  9. When you reduce an average speed of 1 km/h it means you have reduced the likely number of road accident by 2%.
  10. Do you know that simple engineering measures putting in place with minimum cost can save many lives?
  11. In every year close to 400,000 people under age 25 die on road accidents around the world- on average more than 1,000 people per day.
  12. Do you know it does not hurt to be road safety conscious?
However, most of these facts are credited to WHO.