Understanding Flight Delay
Ordinarily the word ‘delay’ as it were has to do with the amount of time a man
has to wait beyond the expected time for something to happen. It is a situation
that makes something planned for to take longer time than expected.
The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows that between June 2015 and
June 2016, more than 1 million flights were delayed. Flight delay is one of the
problems air passengers may face in airline industries around the world. The
recurrent of unwanted delays at airport mostly in commercial airlines are one of
the major concerns that aviation industries must address to the barest minimum
so as to make air travel more reliable and convenient for its passengers.
As the world is becoming more global village, hence, air transport as the fastest
mode is playing a key role in this regards, in which people are connected by this
fastest mode of transport to different cities in the world mostly for business
opportunities, this among others explains why more people are travelling by air.
However, the more people are flying, the more the probability that a passenger
may experience more flight delays due to heavy traffic volume. Then, what is
flight delay?
Flight Delay
A flight delay occurs when an aircraft takes off or lands later than its expected
time. In addition, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) describes flight delay
as a kind of delay that occurs at minimum of 15 minutes after the usual planned
flight time.
Anyhow, no passenger most especially, the business travelers will enjoy spending
more time than necessary in airport, unwanted long delay mostly when the
passengers have already boarded the plane, may cause passengers to be stranded
in plane parked at the tarmac and may be a major problem and source of
frustration on their business plans.
List of Factors Responsible for Flight Delay
1. System Congestion
2. Airline Practices
3. Equipment Problems
4. Labor Actions
5. Severe Weather
6. Aircraft Maintenance
7. Crew Scheduling
8. Late arriver of flight crew
9. Air Traffic Control Problem due to heavy traffic volume
10. Air Operations
11. Poor or Aging Aviation Infrastructures
12. Airlines scheduling more flights than the system capacity
13. Safety
14. Terrorist Attack
15. Aircraft Mechanical Problems