Public transport is usually available in all cities and major town in Canada. Buses are the most common public transit in major cities in Canada. However, some cities also have streetcars, light-rail trains or subways. More also, it is possible for a passenger in Canada city to complete a single journey with two (2) or more modes of transport. If you want to use public transport in any of the cities in Canada, you need to purchase a ticket or a transit pass. However, transit passes allow a passenger unlimited use of public transportation for specific period of time e.g. one (1), month two (2) months or more. Moreover, if you plan to use public transport regularly in Canada then, it is advisable to purchase transit passes, this is because they are usually cheaper when you compare it to many tickets. Nevertheless, in most cities in Canada you can get your tickets at major transit stations, convenience stores or from the bus driver and if you need more information about public transport in your city then you need to visit an information kiosk at a main transit station, or calling a transit information line and you may also visit the website of your municipal government. Public Transport by Taxis All cities and towns in Canada have transport companies that provide public transport service to people. It is important to know that taxis in Canada are expensive therefore, if you want to know how much a trip will cost, it is better you ask the driver before the journey commences, this is because taxis have meters that use set rate to calculate the cost of your trip, and they are not negotiable because the rates are fixed. Since, taxis are quite expensive hence; most people in Canada only use them when they do not have any option. However, when you see an official identification card on the dashboard of a taxi, it shows that the taxi driver is licensed by the city.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Two major ways to board a taxi in Canada
  1. You need to make a call for a taxi to pick you up. It is either you call the number of any of the taxis companies or you call the transport department of your municipal government. However, when you call for a taxi, the operator will ask your name and the address of where you are expecting the taxi to pick you up as well as the address of where you are going i.e. your destination.
  2. You can board a taxi by waiting on the street sidewalk for an empty taxi, so when you sight an empty taxi coming to your direction just wave to the driver to stop for you. In addition, you can also board a taxi at a taxi stand.
Source: Transportation in Canada. By: Government of Canada.