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Month: September 2015

10, Simple Tips, that can help Your Kids to use the Road Safely. By: Owinje Peter.

In virtually every year over 130 children die while more than 4,500 kids are seriously injured while using the road in UK. Source: childalert. Since, children are also part of the road users then, you need to foster a culture of safe and courteous road use in them. To allow them to use the road they need to have good road sense and being road smart, these explain why you need to teach your kids how to be a safe road users. However, it is not about teaching them alone you also need to lay down a good example for them to see and follow; this is because children learn fast from their parents or adult. Good road sense may not come to them naturally as expected, therefore, here are some tips you need to teach them:
  1. Whenever you want to cross the road with your children always choose a safe point for them and take time to tell the reason why you choose a safe point.
  2. Make it known to them that it is safer to cross the road at zebra-crossing.
  3. Warn them not to cross the road if they cannot see far on the road.
  4. Warn them not to cross the road in between parked vehicles because the vehicle may start moving and the driver may find it difficult to see them very well.
  5. Tell them that whenever they are crossing the road, they should walk straight across the road and keep look and listening out for traffic.
  6. Make it known to them that they must wait for vehicles from both directions to stop before crossing the road.
  7. Also make it known to them that if a road is separated with an island in the middle or median, each road must be treated separately.
  8. You need to also tell them to watch out for cyclists and motorcyclists whenever they are on the road.
  9. Teach them to be used foot path where possible.
  10. Always hold your child’s hand when you are crossing or walking on the road.

12 Important facts about Road Safety You need to know. By Owinje Peter.

Road safety can be simply referred to as those measures and methods putting in place in order to reduce the high risk of any person or any vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists for being killed or injured for using the road. Despite the fact, that human errors are the major cause of traffic problems, yet human being is still relied upon to improve the safety of road users. However, the essence of road safety is to prevent any serious injury and the likely death of any road users. Since, human being is relied on to make our roads safer hence; you need to know the following facts about road safety.
  1. In each year over 1.2 million people die in road accidents.
  2. In every year not less than 50 million people sustained injury or disabled by road accident.
  3. Do you know that not less than half of all road accident victims are vulnerable road users i.e. pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists?
  4. Road accident cost each country not less than 4% of its Gross National Product.
  5. Do you know that the use of seat belts alone can reduce the likely death in auto crash by 61%?
  6. The effective use of child restraints may reduce child death rate in road accident by 35%.
  7. Use of helmets can reduce fatal and serious head injuries by 45%.
  8. If the law of “if you drink don’t drive and if you drive don’t drink” is probably enforced, it can reduce the road accident that can be caused by alcohol by 20%.
  9. When you reduce an average speed of 1 km/h it means you have reduced the likely number of road accident by 2%.
  10. Do you know that simple engineering measures putting in place with minimum cost can save many lives?
  11. In every year close to 400,000 people under age 25 die on road accidents around the world- on average more than 1,000 people per day.
  12. Do you know it does not hurt to be road safety conscious?
However, most of these facts are credited to WHO.

20 Largest Sea Ports in the World. By Owinje Peter

Rank Name of port Name of Country Total cargo m.tons.2012 Total cargo m.tons.2013
 1 Ningbo-Zhoushan  China  744,000,000  804, 800, 000
2 Shanghai China 736, 000, 000 776, 000, 000
 3 Singapore Singapore 537, 600, 000 560, 883, 900
 4 Tianjin China 476, 000, 000 500, 600, 000
 5 Guangzhou China 434, 000, 000 454, 700, 000
 6  Qingdao China 402, 000, 000 450, 000, 000
 7 Tangshon China 364, 000, 000 446, 200, 000
 8 Rottadam Netherlands 441, 500, 000 440, 464, 000
 9  Datian China 373, 000, 000 408, 400, 000
10 . Yingkou  China 301, 100, 000 330, 000, 000
 11 Rizhao China 281, 000, 000 309, 200, 000
 12  . Port Hedland  Austrialia 246, 672, 059 288, 443, 040
 13 Hong Kong China 269, 282, 000 276, 055, 000
 14 Qinhuangdao China 271, 500, 000 272, 600, 000
 15 Busan South Korea 260, 000, 000 270, 900, 200
16 Shenzhen China 228, 100, 000 234, 000, 000
 17 Xiamen China 172, 000, 000 191, 000, ooo
 18 Antwerp Belgium 184, 136, 000 190, 849, 000
 19 South Louisiana  USA 161, 900, 000 187, 800, 000
 20 .  Port Klang Malaysia 151, 700, 000 152, 000, 000

Special Public Transport for Disable: A Desirable Government Civil Responsibility. By Owinje Peter.

Transport is important to the life of individual and to any given organization. No individual or any organization can do without it. It is an inevitable element for all. In fact, the importance of transport cannot be over emphasized in the society at large. Since, it is generally believed that transport is important in our society and it plays a key role in the nation’s economy of any country, then I also think, it is more important to talk about those that even need it more than us in our society. Most of the time I see a disabled man on the street struggle for mobility, I do have sympathy for them, I do imagine that if government can provide special public transport that is avoidable and convenience for disabled people their struggle for mobility will be over or lesser. Inequality in a Wrong Priority Often the time I hear most people talking or debating about gender inequality, they are so passionate about gender equality, while nobody or very few people talk about inequality we show to people with disability in the society. I imagine, if many people that talk about gender inequality are in their shoes how will they feel, as a person? Will they be still talking about equality for those that have eyes to see; those that have legs to walk; those that have hands to work and more importantly, those that have better opportunities to be successful in life, than a mere handicapped on the street begging for help, this is one of the ways which inequality may be more meaningful to me. I think inequality as it were, can be understood, better if we can imagine the discrimination that the disabled people are facing in our society. I am not actually against gender equality, but I think there is more important issue we need to talk about than gender equality and until this inequality we show to disabled people in our society is fully addressed especially in the area of transportation, campaigning for gender equality may be nothing than a self centered and a myopic priority. If transport problem for disabled people can be solved, then it means more than half of their problems in life have been solved. With this as an individual, debating for gender equality will be meaningful than it is now.  Disabled people rely mostly on transport. Do you know that people with disability use public transport even more than the general public? In other words, disabled people rely more on transportation for their mobility than the general public. But it is a pity and very unfortunate that special public transport they needed is not always available for them. They are denied of their civil right and equal opportunity in their own country. Many of them in some part of the world surfer for lacked of affordable and reliable special public transport they needed to access important opportunities in education, employment, health care, housing, to mention but a few, and we are making noise publicly about gender inequality, what other inequality do we need to eradicate that is more important than this in our society, lack of genuine feeling or sympathy for people with disability make people to ignore them in their own community. However, since the disabled people rely more on transport for their mobility, government at any level should rise up to the task by providing special public transport for disabled people in our society. They are fellow citizen like us and they deserve the special buses or vehicles that are accessible by wheelchair. Special bus stop that can be easily accessible by wheelchair can also be located in different part of the city for them. Since we know that government belongs to all, then special public transport for handicapped is a right and a desirable government responsibility.

3 Major Reasons for Lack of Special Transport Service for Handicapped in Many countries and Its Solutions By Owinje Peter.

Problems are inevitable; they seem so natural or bound to happen. One of such is the lack of special public transport for disabled people in their own countries.With what I have seen so far in my country or better still, what I’ve discovered is that, the majority of disabled people hardly leave their homes because of transport difficulties they faced in the society. This is one of their major frustrations. Why disabled people have to face transport problem for so long in their countries is because they are not fully considered in the community. Those who are supposed to meet their transport needs are not ready to shoulder the responsibility. As a result of this, transportation choice for disabled people is almost zero or extremely limited in their own countries. 3 Major Reasons why Disabled People have to face Transport problem in their Community
  1. Disabled people are not included in policy making in their countries hence, they are not fully considered.
In most countries disabled people are not part of the policy makers hence; it may be difficult if not impossible for people who do not have better understanding or experience of what a disabled man is passing through to make a better policy that will positively affect the lives of disabled people. He who wears the shoe knows where the shoe pitches him or her, says an adage. Since, people with disability are not fully involved in policy making hence the transport problem for disabled will remain unsolved. Solution “What an old man seats down to see a young boy cannot stand up to see it even, if he climbs the highest tree in the village”, says an African adage. Since, disabled are not part of the policy making in their different countries it will be difficult for the policy makers to tackle the transport problem facing the handicapped properly even, if the policy makers are made the presidents or prime ministers of their countries yet, they will still not see far more than what a disabled man can see to tackle his own transport problems. Therefore, handicapped should be allowed to take part in policy making. Why? It is because he who wears the shoe knows better where the shoe pitches him or her. It is advisable and even better to allow those that have better experience of what it means to be a handicapped to suggest on how their transport problems should be tackled by allowing them to take part in policy making. Hence, the saying “experience is the best teacher”.
  1. In most countries, governments and transport providers do not consider transport needs for disabled people.
In addition, in some countries governments at different levels and transport providers do not consider it necessary to provide special transport for disabled people, due to this reason; transportation problem becomes the major problem for disabled people in their own countries. For instance, it is uncommon to see any public vehicle or bus run by governments or private individual that is accessible by wheelchair in my country. It is also difficult to see any bus stop designed for handicapped or that can be accessible by wheelchair. I also think the same thing happen in other countries especially in African countries. Why? It is because governments and transport providers in different countries do not think carefully about the transport needs for the handicapped. What a pity! Solution In my country I’ve seen government at different levels e.g. Federal, state and local government establishing a transport company for the public, but I hardly see a transport company that is established for disabled, either by the governments or private individual. This is a great inequality. One of the benefits of public transport is that, it supports social justice; this means that public transport should be made available and affordable for all kind of people in the society, rich, poor or handicapped. In view of this, it is wrong for both the governments and transport providers not to consider the transport needs for disabled people in their societies. Hence, the saying, 2 wrong things can never make a right. Governments and individual transport provider are expected to consider the transport needs for the disabled by providing public transport that is efficient, affordable and accessible. Poor administration It is important to note that if the best transport policy is made in order to tackle the transport challenges of disabled people, poor administration or implementation of such policy will play a setback in the wheel of progress, therefore, putting the hope for, better transport service for, disabled people in a great mirage. In short, the transport problem for disabled cannot be solved if the implementation or administration is poor. Solution Good administration and proper implementation are required to tackle or solve the transport problem for disabled people.          

Don’t Gamble with Your Life: Here’s How Not to Let Your Car Tire Kill You By: Owinje Peter

You must know the tire in your car. In fact, you are at risk if you don’t know the tires that move you around, l personally asked some drivers or motorist two or more questions about their car tires but, their response to my questions show to me that their car tires may put them at risk or bring to them untimely death. It is unfortunate that most drivers don’t have any vital information on the round black objects that move them around. Such motorists or drivers may pose a high risk on themselves and other road users that is why it is important for you as a motorist to know much about the tires on your car. Here is some of the important information you need to know: M/S; M+S; MS or M&S:When you see any of these letters on your tire it means such tire has the ability to move your vehicle on a snow and muddy area, with these letters on your tires show that the tires meet the Rubber Manufacture Association guidelines for mud and snow tire. The Tire Width:235 is the width of a tire measure in millimeters (mm). It is usually measure from sidewall to sidewall. However, the measurement is determined by the size of the rim. The Tire Aspect Ratio:Aspect ratio is a number that shows the height of the tire from the head to the top of the tread. This is always expressed in percentage of the width. For example, if the aspect ratio of a tire is 75 then the height of the tire is 75% of the given width i.e. (7 5×235/100) =176.25mm. Therefore, the aspect ratio is 175.25mm; hence, the smaller the aspect ratio the wider the tire in relation to is height. The Tire Traction:Tire traction is usually rated as AA; A; B or C. AA is the highest grade in the rating follow by A, B and C respectively. This rating base on the tire ability to stop a car on wet concrete or asphalt, however, when you see a tire carrying any of these letters on its sidewall, it is simply, showing the tire traction ability of the tire. It is usually written like this on the tire Traction AA; Traction A; Traction B or Traction C.Temperature:The tire temperature rating is a measure of how well the tire dissipates heat and how well it handles the buildup of heat. The temperature grade is applied to a properly inflated tire that is not over loaded. However, overloading, under inflation or excessive speed are all notable factors that can make your tire to build up heat and excessive heat build up on your tire can cause your tire to wear out faster and it may even lead to tire failure. It is important to note that, tire temperature is usually rated as A, B or C. So when you check the side wall of your tire and you see any of these following: Temperature A or Temperature B or Temperature C. It simply shows you the temperature ability of the tire. The Tread Wear:First and foremost, please note that the higher the tread wear number the longer you can expect the tread to last. Before the tread numbers can be generated, the tire must be tested in controlled conditions on government test track. However, since no one will be expected to drive his or her own car on exactly, the same surface at the same speed as the government testing track then, the numbers are not accurate indicator of how long your tread will actually last, but it is a good relative measure, therefore you can expect the tire that carries or has lager number to last longer than the one with smaller number. However, the tread wear number is usually written on the tire side wall like this: Tread wear 440 etc. Service Description:The service description of a tire consists of two major areas which are Load rating and Speed rating.
  • Load Rating: This is also a number correlates to the maximum load rated for the tire. It shows to us the maximum Kg that a tire can carry. Therefore, a higher number means that the tire has the higher loading capacity. Nevertheless, a separate note on the tire usually written after the loading rating indicates the loading rating of your tire at a given inflation pressure. E.g.
Max. Load 880 kg (35-psi) Max. Press. Standard load This is an example of how the load rating and the recommended air pressure are written on your tires. Speed Rating: The letter that follows the load rating indicates the maximum speed allowable for such tire as long as the weight is at or below the rated load. For instance, letter S indicates that the tire can handle speed up to 112 mph i.e. (180.246 kph). The Tire Manufacturing Date:Whenever you want to buy or get a new tire, one of the first things you need to consider or look for is the manufacturing date of the tire you want to buy. This is because a tire is expected to expire after six (6) of its production or manufacturing date. It does not matter whether such tire is used or not, a tire expires after six (6) year of production. Why? It is because tires deteriorate naturally day after day and at the expiration of six (6) years the quality of such tires must have reduced drastically. Hence, it is possible to buy a brand new tire that has not been used before which is indeed an expired tire from the store or seller, that is why you need to check the manufacturing date of the tire before buying it. How to Check a Tire Manufacturing Date:If you do not know how to check the date from the sidewall of a tire you may end up buying an expired tire. However, the tire manufacturing date is usually different from the common way we are used to write date of an event. For example the date is usually written like this (1012) or (1314) or (3613) etc. However, it is important to note that the first two (2) figures refer to the week of production while the last two (2) figures refer to the year of production. For instance, (1012) means 10th (tenth) week of the year 2012, (3613) means 36th week of the year 2013, etc. Therefore, if the manufacturing date of a tire is (1314) such tire is expected to expire after six (6) years of the said date which is (1320). Source: Howstuffworks.

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