Rail Accident Related image It is an undeniable fact that rail accidents have become a significant concern in the world and this explains why several efforts have been made by different countries concerned to reduce the rate of accident in their countries. However, in this article are the 3 major types of railway accident and the list of their causes. 3 Major Types of Railway Accidents
  1. Collision Accidents
  2. Derailment Accidents and
  3. Other Means of Accidents                                                                                         1. Rail Accident by Collision
Image result for pictures of rail accidents A collision is a crash in which 2 trains hit each other. In other words, a collision occurs when a train runs into another or an object. Once it happens, the result is always very serious, if not fatal. This is why collision is the most dangerous accident in rail transports. However, the major types of collisions include: * Head-on collision, * Rear-end collision and * Side collision Types of Rail Accident by Collision Since a collision involves 2 or more objects crashing into one another, hence this type of crash includes:
  1. Collision involving Trains
  2. Collision involving a Train and a Motor Vehicle
  3. Collision Involving a Pedestrian
Collision involving Trains Related image This is a head-on collision between 2 trains. This kind of accident always results to great disasters. Collision involving a train and a motor vehicle Image result for pictures of rail accidents Several motorists and passengers have lost their lives in level crossing accidents. It is very difficult if not impossible for a train to stop like a motor vehicle for any object at the level crossing. Collision involving Pedestrian Related image As a collision can occur between a train and a motor vehicle, likewise pedestrians, in fact, a collision involving a pedestrian or pedestrians is more likely to result infatality.
  1. Rail Accident by Derailment
Image result for pictures of rail accidents A derailment occurs when a train leaves its tracks; better still, a derailment is said to occur when a moving rail suddenly runs off its tracks. When a single car or coach derails, it may affect other cars and at times, you see the whole train derails completely. Related image A derailment can be due to a defaulted plain track, over speed at a cross section, junction or a collision, among others.
  1. Rail Accident by other meansImage result for pictures of rail accidents Fire Accident
Image result for pictures of rail accidents During a railway operation, a fire accident may occur in a train, probably due to a vehicular electrical fault, or an attack by terrorists. People sitting on top of a train and people hanging on a moving train may also fall down. These, among other means, are possible ways by which accidents can occur in rail transport. Related image List of Causes of Rail Accident There many factors that can cause rail accident, below are the list of some of these factors:
  1. Communication Errors
  2. Brake Rigging Defects
  3. Hand Brake Defects
  4. Other Brake Defects
  5. Over Speed
  6. Body Defects
  7. Center-Plate/Car- body Defects
  8. Wrong Use of Switches
  9. Coupler Defects
  10. Track and Structure Defects
  11. Truck Structure Defects
  12. Obstructions
  13. Side-bearing, Suspension Defects
  14. Level Crossing Collisions
  15. Bearing Failure
  16. Axle Defects
  17. Track-Train Intersection
  18. Broken Wheels
  19. Other Wheel Defects
  20. Signal Failures
  21. TOFC/COFC Defects
  22. Road-bed Defects
  23. Non-Traffic Weather Causes
  24. Loco Electrical and Fires
  25. All other Locomotive Defects
  26. Track Geometry ( excl. Wide Gauge )
  27. All Other Car Defects
  1. Stiff Truck
  2. Rail Defects at Bolted Joint
  3. Joint Bar Defects
  4. Broken Rails or Welds
  5. Brake Operation (Main Line)
  6. Other Rail and Joint Defects
  7. Failure to Obey/Display Signal
  8. Train Length ( Car-mile- related and train-mile- related accident)
  9. Employee Physical Condition