A horn is a sound-making device that all kinds of vehicles and cycles e.g. bicycles, tricycles and motorcycles can be equipped with in order to reduce traffic accidents on our roads.  It is an important communication device that can save your life and the lives of other road users, if correctly used. However, it is simply used mostly to alert any road users, purposely to keep them safe while making use of the road. Benefits of having a functional horn in your vehicle There are some cyclists and motorists that are moving their vehicles and cycles around without equipping them with a functional horn. They took the issue of having a functional horn in their vehicles or cycles for granted but little do they           know that the use of a horn has huge benefits in road safety. However, below are some benefits of equipping your vehicle with a functional horn:
  1. It improves the safety performance of all kinds of vehicles and cycles e.g. bicycles, tricycles and motorcycles.
  2. It enhances the smooth flow of traffic.
  3. It is an effective means of communication among motorists when making use of the road.
  4. It can save your life and the lives of the other road users.
  5. It is the best means of warning or notifying other motorists and pedestrians of your location, if they have not seen you.
  6. It can be used to call the attention of any road users when making use of the road.
  7. It is very effective in reducing traffic accidents
7 appropriate times to use your vehicle horn Suggested below are some of the appropriate times motorists are expected to use their vehicle horn:
  1. When a motorist is trying to come into your lane.
  2. When a pedestrian is walking into a dangerous location unknowingly.
  3. When you perceive that another motorist is about to hit your vehicle unknowingly.
  4. It may also be used when you want to turn right or left.
  5. You may also use your horn when you are at an intersection.
  6. You can use your horn at a sharp corner where you can’t see the oncoming vehicle.
  7. You may also give a long blast horn to alert all motorists or road users if something serious is happening e.g. break failure and also to avoid a potential danger e.g. an overloaded articulated vehicle climbing a hill.
3 things the use of your vehicle horn must not seem to be:  
  • It must not be used as an offensive object:
  Your horn must not be used aggressively in order to attack motorists. It is important to note that some motorists are fond of using their vehicle functional horn aggressively to attack other motorists on the public roads. This kind of aggressive behavior can only make things worse for you.  
  • It must not be used as an oppressive object:
  An indiscriminate use of your vehicle horn may be irksome and worrisome air pollution to many road users and especially to the people living in a residential area.  
  • It must not be used as a toy object:
  Kindly permit me to use the word ‘toy’. This is because as at the time of writing this article, there’s no other word which easily came to mind to exactly drive home my point than the word ‘toy’. Sometime ago, I was sitting in a front seat of a commercial bus when the driver of the said bus started sounding the vehicle functional horn unnecessarily for a long period of time as if the horn was a toy. So, as the journey progressed, I got irritated with the driver’s unruly behavior and then asked him a simple question that why was he honking without a reason. The driver did not respond; in fact, it was as if he didn’t hear me at all but shortly after, he stopped the unnecessary honking. This explains to me that he actually heard my question and his conscience pricked him in silence. Honking without a reason is highly worrisome. In conclusion, the manner or the way in which some motorists and cyclists use the horn on public roads may be highly burdensome and irksome to road users. Sometimes, I wonder how some motorists blast each other with their vehicle horns with impunity on public roads. Truly speaking, when some motorists honk unnecessarily, it may lead to road rage, confrontations and verbal insults. A vehicle horn must be used in a polite manner when necessary and more importantly when there is a danger. An indiscriminate use of vehicle horns on public roads may irritate other road users and it may lead to unwanted noise pollution. Therefore, all motorists and cyclists are expected to use their vehicle horn in a polite manner such that will boost the safety of all road users. So, when you honk, please honk when necessary. It is impolite to honk unnecessarily on public roads.