A flight dispatcher is an important element of the aviation industry that supports smooth flight operation. It is a notable department that ensures maximum safety for flight operations in the airline business and regular exercise of flying an aircraft. In some countries, flight dispatchers are called airline dispatchers, flight operations officers or flight followers. Whichever name they are known for in your country is secondary, the primary concern in this article is the effective roles of flight dispatchers. However, below are the special activities of flight dispatchers:
  1. They prepare and print each flight paperwork that contains all needed information for the crew to operate. This printed paperwork is known as flight release which includes flight plans, passenger lists, flight fuel, flight route, weather reports, among others.
  2. They help to predict the weather condition and prevent flights from unfavourable and unsafe weather condition.
  3. Flight dispatchers have 50% legal responsibility of every dispatch flight safety. They have the authority to disallow a flight ready for dispatch, if the safety condition is not satisfactory, after the pre-flight safety and maintenance checks have been carried out. Therefore, they have the authority to review the flight crew and concentrate on maximizing efficiency with safety in view.
  4. They monitor the current flights in the sky while planning for new flights to come on board.
  5. They critically examine the state or condition of aircraft with respect to aviation industry laws, so as to make a very clear and obvious decision on the safety condition of an aircraft, as to whether it’s safe or not for a particular trip.
  6. They carefully plan for the fuel that an aircraft will need to complete any given trip or journey.
  7. They also collaborate with load planners to carefully plan the cargo for each aircraft and ensure that the loading is done in accordance with the given instructions.
  Nevertheless, flight dispatchers are as important as pilots. Permit me to say that they are silent pilots that shepherd airborne flights or planes in the sky and give suggestions about what should be done to the pilots if there’s any change relating to flight safety, smooth and efficient operation. Hence, as in the words of Herb Keller, “Dispatch is the heart of the airlines”.