Airbag can save you from untimely death

You don’t need to die untimely because you ride your car. Virtually everyday people lost their lives in a motor accident around the world. Every fatal accident on the road results to a death of a road user. Hence airbag is able to save your life in such a time. Air bags in your car are made to reduce the likely harm that may happen to you during collision or accident. It is a safety feature that is designed to protect the occupants or passengers in an accident or collision. When accident occurs air bags are deployed immediately to prevent occupants from being injured, for instance, the air bag will protect you from hitting your head on the steering or dashboard which may hurt you during collision. Hence, with the help of air bag you may hit your head on the air pillow which may not hurt you during                               collision. A report has shown that air bags have reduced the number of deaths and serious injuries from roads accidents. For instance,” according to the Insurance, Institute for Highway Safety, the number of deaths when both seatbelts and air bag were used was 24% less than when only seat belts were used. Hence, the National Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) now require cars made after 1998 to contain both driver side and passenger air bags.” However, for the airbags to be more effective it is necessary to use seat belt. During collision, the seat belt will hold you firm to your seat while the airbag absorb the force of the impact. Apart from preventing serious injury, they have also saved many lives.     Type of air bag There are two types of air bags they are, the frontal airbags and the side-impact airbags. The frontal airbags are meant to prevent the driver and passenger in front from hitting the interior parts of the vehicle while, the side-impact airbags keep the head or the chest from impact. An Air Bag Component The air bag system is made up of two main components, which are the impact sensor and the air bag module unit. The impact sensor simply senses impacts. If an accident occurs, the impact sensor sends a signal (i.e. an electrical current) to the air bag module unit causing it to deploy in a short space of time. The sensors are located in the front of the car. The air bag module unit is located in the steering column on the side of the driver and also, in the dashboard on the side of the passenger. This unit is made up of an air inflator assembly, a nylon bag and a breakaway cover. However, the whole sequence between the initial detection of a crash by the sensor and when the air bag is fully deployed happens in a short space of time. This is very important in other to protect the occupants from being injured. Source:

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