Basic Factors for Road Transport Development

Free road construction Images, Pictures, and Royalty-Free Stock ... Virtually everyone makes use of road transport for one reason or the other to meet their needs. Roads that are poorly developed are dangerous to human life. Motorists plying poorly developed roads may create unwanted delays, congestion, pollution, rise in costs, and the most resultant effect of using poor roads is that it may lead to fatal accidents. Better developed road network will reduce costs and travel time, boost trade activities and improve general welfare. However, the following are the list of factors for road transport development:
  1. Adequate Planning: Roads that will increase quality and traffic safety demands adequate planning. It provides uniform traffic convenience.
  2. Distance: A location that is far removed from other places due to lack of motorable road may influence the construction and development of roads for easy accessibility.
  3. Political: Politicians can also influence or cancel road construction and development.
  4. Economic: Economic activities taking place in a particular area or settlement may enhance road development.
  5. Qualified Contractors: Experienced contractors with required equipment for successful implementation of the contract may encourage the desire for road development.
  6. Funding: Inadequate funding may lead to cancellation of road development.
Nevertheless, the notable effects of road development on economic, agricultural, and urban growth as well as poverty reduction in both rural and urban areas cannot be overemphasized. Image credited to :

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