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5 reasons why flying the plane more than its cruise altitude is dangerous

An aircraft flying in the sky

An aircraft flying in the sky

Flying the plane too high may be harmful and here are the reasons:
  1. For emergency reasons: When a pilot flies a plane higher than the normal altitude, it will take a longer time for the pilot to return the plane to a safe altitude. When an unexpected dangerous situation occurs that calls for immediate action, bringing the plane down to a safe altitude may be difficult, if not impossible.
  2. The weight of the plane: The weight of the airplane determines the extent to which the plane can fly into the sky. The more the weight of the airplane, the more difficult it is for such plane to fly at a higher altitude.
  3. Shortage of fuel: The higher a plane flies beyond its normal altitude, the more fuel it burns to get there. This will definitely reduce the available fuel meant for the trip. You can imagine how dangerous it will be to fly a plane without enough fuel.
  4. Inadequate oxygen: When the airplane flies much higher, there is inadequate oxygen to fuel the engine.
  5. Every management of any given organization is not expected to run at a loss, they are expected to make profit for sustainability. Flying a plane above the clouds consumes a lot of fuel. However, flying a plane above the clouds for short destinations is not economical; it means the airliner will be spending so much money on fuel, which will increase the overhead cost.
  Nevertheless, safety and quality of air transport experience are important issues in the aviation industry; therefore, safety standards must be followed, to ensure a better and consistent quality air transport experience.


Aircraft, Clouds, Boeing, Passenger Aircraft, Jet Image by: Colin Behrens from Pixabay Whenever there is the need to talk about transportation of passengers across the globe, air transport in this regard, still remains the most widely used mode. Many people choose air transport for both the journey within the country and outside the country. Air transport is reliable, efficient, comfortable, fast and more importantly it is safer. In addition, it is a mode that breaks obvious geographical barriers between two or more countries. These may explain why it remains the choice of many people for their international transport. However, let us consider U.S. Aviation to justify this fact, here are the services rendered by Air Traffic Organization (ATO), as revealed by Federal Aviation Administration:
  1. Federal Aviation Administration revealed that over 42, 000 planes take off every day in USA, while not less than 5, 000 planes in the sky at any point in time are monitored.
  2. Over 100, 000 flights are handled by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) yearly.
  3. Over 44, 000 planes are average daily flights managed by Federal Aviation Administration.
  4. Not less than 14,695 air traffic controllers are engaged.
  5. There are 19,622 airports in USA, with 5,092 for public airports while 14,530 are private airports
  6. Not less than 2,789,971 passengers fly in and out of US airports every day.
  7. Not less than 1 billion passengers in U.S. fly every year.
  8. U.S.A. Aviation generates not less than 10,600,000 jobs.
The above points show that the aviation industry is one of the busiest industries in the world, handling millions of passengers every day, who choose air transport for their journey.

Air transportation is safer than road transportation. By: Peter Owinje.

Related image Traveling by air seems unsaved to a fairly large number of people due to what they see, hear or read. News on plane crashes make a big noise in the world, such news naturally stays longer in the mind of many fliers or people. In fact, it is a mind-blogging to many people. This may explain why the flying fear still remains in the heart of some people. Therefore, you may think that traveling by air is riskier than traveling on the road, but truly speaking; traveling by air is safer than traveling on the road. However, it is interesting to note that, traveling by air is safer than traveling on the road. Why? It is because safety is the major concern of every airline industry and there’s no any other mode of transportation that does it better than air line industries. In fact, there is no other mode of transportation that can be fully monitored, investigated and scrutinized as we have in aviation industries. Truly speaking plane crashes are so rare when you compare it to road transport accidents. According to World Health Organization, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.24 million deaths worldwide in the year 2010. With this estimation, it seems one person is killed in every 25 seconds. It is very rare or difficult to have this kind of estimation in air transport within a year. Why? It is because safety in aviation industries is not negotiable. It is a core value of any aviation industry in the world. Furthermore, I wonder how some motorists drive recklessly on the road, reckless driving is a common habit among the motorists, but in air transport it is uncommon to see a reckless pilot, in fact, it is very rare if not impossible to see pilots showing a reckless disregard for the safety of others. A good airport control also creates a better safety environment in aviation industries. Movement-detection monitors in airport, show every vehicle on runway, taxiway, and terminal gate, this helps the controllers to receive warnings of potential collisions. Therefore, a good airport traffic control helps to prevent unwanted collision in the airport. From the above reasons, I hope you will also agree that traveling by air is safer than traveling on the road.

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