Don’t be Ignorant of the Necessary Information on Your Tires.

Do you know that a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has revealed that under-inflated and worn tires increase the likelihood of a crash? Do not be ignorant about the tires that move you around on the road. You should know that the only things that separate you from the ground or road are the tires in your vehicle. If you have a car or you drive a vehicle and you don’t know anything about the tires that move you around’ it is nothing but an ignorant mistake that must be corrected for the betterment of all road users. I asked some drivers questions about the tires in their vehicles but unfortunately, they could not provide any answer to my questions. The truth of the matter is that, most drivers lack basic information they need to know about the tires in their vehicles. Obviously, there is lot of information written or printed on both sidewalls of your tires that, you need to know them for safety purpose. Moreover, if you want to buy a new tire such information will help and guide you to buy the right tire, so you will not be confused or deceived by those desperate tire sellers who aim to sell their tires at all cost without considering the tire’s specifications needed for your car. Take time to know the information on your tire However, when you look at any given tire, you will notice some small printings or markings on the side wall of the tire; these may appear to you as confusing jargon. Do you know why? It is because you don’t know the significance of some of these sidewall printings or information. You do not know what all this stuff really mean in a regular terms that is why they appear to you like unnecessary jargon but in the real sense they are unavoidable information you need to know about the tires in your car. However, I wish to let you know that each section of the small print on your tire’s sidewall means something and you need to take your time to know them. Nevertheless, let us take a critical look on some of the information on your tire. The types of tire you need to know (1) When you see a letter ‘P’ on a tire that tells the type of tire it is and it simply means that the tire is a        passenger vehicle tire. A private vehicle and public transport vehicle can use such a tire. (2) When you see the letters ‘LT’ on a tire it is another type of tire you also need to know. It simply means the tire is for a light truck vehicle. For instance, if you have a truck e.g. a pick-up van and you want to replace the tire with a new tire then, do not buy a tire that carries letter ‘P’ rather look for a tire that carries letters ‘LT’ for your truck. (3) Another type of tire is a tire that carries letter ‘T’ it means that such tire can be used temporarily or as a spare tire. These are the main types of tire we have.   Source: HowStuffWorks.

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