Tire Failures: A Leading Cause Of Rollover Accidents

The most important transport system that can serve or connect other modes of transport is road transport system. The road transport system complements other modes of transport, such as sea/water transport, air transport and rail transport. Motor vehicle is one of the most important inventions of 18th century in road transport system. Today different kind of vehicles are made for both comfort and efficient movement of people and goods.

However, the black round objects that move your vehicle around remain one of the essential parts of your motor vehicle. They play an essential role in road safety. By showing poor safety concern about the tires on your vehicle, which are the only objects that come in contact with the road, you may be putting your life and the lives of other road users at epic risk.

Tires enable your vehicle to grip the road, to turn easily, and to firmly stop your vehicle when you apply the brake; and more importantly, the tires carry the weight of your vehicle, hence, malfunction of any of these tires due to poor safety and the negligence of the drivers may lead to serious or fatal accident. For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that almost 200 fatal accidents in a year are due to tire failure.

Indeed, the outcome of a tire failure can be disastrous, the car may somersault, and at times it may move uncontrollably against the oncoming traffic or move uncontrollably off the road. This explains why motorists must show safety concern about the tires in their car by checking tire pressure monthly, inspecting the tires monthly to ensure they are safe for use, and occasionally changing the tires’ position in order to check uneven wear out and to increase the lifespan of the tires. In addition, be a good observer, if you notice any unfamiliar or strange noise from any of the tires do not waste time to find out the cause and try to fix it timely.

Road traffic accident due to tire failure is a public health concern which has to be addressed by all motorists through unrelenting effort of being safety conscious about the tires that move you around.

Image Credited to: David&Philpot