NOTE: each crash contains the date; the country where the accident occurred; the kind of accident e.g. (crash) and the number of people killed or injured in the accident.  
  1. July2nd in the US (derailment) people got injured but the exact figure was not given.
  2. July 21st in the US (derailment), 9 people injured.
  3. July 26th in Cameroon (derailment), 1 person killed.
  4. July 28th in Spain (crash), 48 people injured.
  5. August 11th in Egypt (collision), 40 people killed and133 injured.
  6. August 14th in UK (derailment), no one injured.
  7. August 15th in UK (crash), no one killed or injured.
  8. August 15thin UK (derailment), 2 people injured.
  9. August 19th in India (derailment), 23 people killed and 60 injured.
  10. August 20th in UK (derailment), no one injured or killed.
  11. August 22nd in the US (crash), 37 people injured.
  12. August 23rd in India (derailment), no one died or injured.
  13. September 11th in Switzerland (derailment), 30 people injured.
  Total no of people injured: 319. Total no of people died no: 64 Source:Wikipedia