Increase in rail accidents, around the world, is becoming worrisome these days, although it is still safer for one to travel by rail than by road. It is undeniable that in overland transport only the rail transport has the capacity to carry more goods and passengers than any other land transport. Therefore, the need to make our rail transport safer than before cannot be over-emphasized. However, here is the list of rail accidents around the world in the 1st quarter of 2017: NOTE: each crash contains the date; the country where the accident occurred; the kind of accident e.g. (crash) and the number of people killed or injured in the accident.
  1. January 4t h in the US, Brooklyn(train crash): at least 103 people injured.
  2. January 21st in Indian: Kuneru train derailment: at least 41 people killed and 68 people injured.
  3. January 24th in the US; A Front runner (collision): no one killed or injured.
  4. February 14th in Australia; A V/Line Velocity(collision and derailment): 2 people injured.
  5. February 14th in Luxembourg; (collision) 1 person killed and 2 people injured.
  6. February 17th in Saudi Arabia (derailment due to flooding) 18 injured.
  7. February 18th, in Belgium; Leuven derailment: 1 person killed and 27 people injured.
  8. February 20th in South Africa; (collision) 100 people injured.
  9. February 21st in the US; (derailment) 4 people injured.
  10. February 28th in UK; 2017 Liverpool Lime Street collapse
  11. March 7th in the US; (derailment) no one killed or injured.
  12. March 7th in the US; 2017 Biloxi train crash, 4 people killed.
  13. March 10th in the US; (derailment)
  14. March 20th in UK (derailment)
  15. March 22nd in Switzerland; (derailment), 6 people injured.
  16. March 29th in India (derailment), 25 people injured.
  Total no of people injured: 355; Total people killed: 47 Source: Wikipedia