Do you give much attention to your car’s tire? Kindly permit me to start this article by asking a question and my question is: how much attention do you really give to your car’s tires as needed? I guess you only give little attention to the tires when they go flat by taking them to the road side vulcanizer to inflate your tires. Many car owners in developing countries do not have much care about their tires that move them all around on the road. Many lives have been lost while many others sustained permanent injuries on motor accidents due to poor maintenance of our tires. If your car tire is poorly managed it will pose a serious danger to the car owner and other road users. This is why this social problem must be eradicated for the benefit of all road users. Do you know your car manufacture recommended tire pressure? The truth of the matter is that most drivers or car owners in developing countries do not know the manufacturer recommended tire air pressure that their cars required. This is the bane of the problem. Furthermore, Vista Press and Distribution Logistics Limited (a company base in Nigeria), with the Federal Road Safety corps (a government agency for road safety in Nigeria), carried out a survey and exercise at some motor parks in Nigeria. The result of their survey shows that most vehicle owners or motorists in Nigeria do not know that their vehicle tires have manufacturer recommended safe air pressure. According to the managing Director of the said company, he discovered that most motorists leave the decision about their air pressure in the discretion of the road side vulcanizer or local tire mender or tire repairer, who is completely ignorant about such information. The result is that the vulcanizers almost in all cases over inflate the tire pumping, some to as high as 70psi instead of the recommended Pressure of 35psi he concluded. Source: The Punch Newspaper, Nigeria, Dated: 11/04/2012. Over pumped or under inflated tire is dangerous. However, when tires are over pumped it will lead to imprecise handling, in other words, it will be difficult for the drivers to handle such vehicle precisely, as a result of this the driver of such vehicles drive roughly on the road, consequently, it makes the tire’s treads to wear out untimely. Moreover, under inflated tires will reduce your fuel economy, in other words, it will make your vehicle to consume more fuel, in addition, it can also make your tire to generate unusual heat that can damage the life span of your tires. A vehicle with under inflated tires will be difficult for drivers to also handle properly and it may fail at high speed. Therefore, it is wrong and even dangerous if your car tires are over pumped or under inflated. Hence the saying, two wrong things can never make a right. To avoid any likely problem due to over pumped tires or to avoid traffic accident due to under inflated tires, it is advisable as a driver to pay more attention to the manufacturer recommended air pressure. It is also advisable for all motorists to check their vehicles’ tires pressure including their spare tire at least once in a month. This is because tire is expected to lose about one pound of pressure per month through the normal seepage.   You need to know the right time to check your tire pressure. In addition, to know the accurate air pressure in your tires, it is advisable to check the air pressure when the tires are cold and do not fail to follow the manufacturer inflation recommended in your vehicle owners manual or on the tire information label located in the glove box. Nonetheless, due to the influence tire pressure has on vehicle safety and efficiency, it is important for all car owners in developing countries to properly maintain their vehicles tires for the benefit of road users.     Source: HowStuffWorks