Australia has many forms of transport, for instance, the country has more than 300 airports and not less than 33,819 km railway network. However, the country depends most on road transportation for instance; the number of car ownership in Australia is the second highest in the world. For you to determine the most affordable and convenient public transport option for any journey you intend to embark on, in Australia, you need to familiarize yourself with local, regional and cross-country transportation’s option. Transportation by air in Australia If you plan to travel long distance either between major cities or different regions in Australia, transportation by air may be the best option for you, the option will enable you to arrive your destination in time. Transportation by rail in Australia Rail transport system in Australia is more affordable and well established means of transport either within the state or between two states and across the country. The rail system provides different passes for passengers that allow multiple travel dates for up to ninety (90) days, hence, making the system cheaper and affordable. However, a research report has shown that rail transport system was the main mode of public transport used in Australia cities between 1945 and 2010. Even till today rail transport still remains an efficient means of public transport in Australia.   Transportation by bus in Australia (Adelaide city as a case study) In Adelaide city, Australia Adelaide Metro public transport system is extensively patronized. Here, are some facts about the Adelaide transport service:
  1. The transport service provides transportation service to not less than eighty percent (80%) passengers by bus.
  2. The transport service operates over nine hundred (9,000) scheduled bus every weekday.
  3. Adelaide Metro public transport plies over two hundred routes by bus.
  4. Adelaide city in Australia has over seven thousand five hundred (7,500) bus stops.
  5. A passenger in Adelaide can complete a single journey between modes of transport within two (2) hours by using metro cards. This card is an integrated smartcard ticketing system that allows a passenger to change from one mode of transports e.g. bus, train and tram to another within two hours.
  6. Children less than five (5) years old enjoy free transport at all times, when they are accompanied by an adult. More also, two (2) children less than fifteen (15) years of age can also enjoy free transport when they are also, accompanied by an adult by using a day trip ticket on weekends, school holidays, and public holidays.
  7. Bus is the most easily, accessible transport in Adelaide city.
  Source: (Public transport facts) By: Department of planning Transport and infrastructure