Public transportation by bus and coach Road transportation by bus is the most popular transportation in Brazil. Bus transport is highly preferred in Brazil because it is easily affordable by the public. In addition, lack of well established rail system for the public makes, bus transport becomes the most patronized transport in Brazil, with not less than two hundred (200) service providers transporting over one forty million (140,000,000 ) passengers each year. Bus transport operations system in Brazil The public transport by bus in Brazil operates on three (3) different levels:
  • Federal level: at this level bus travels across the borders and between different states in Brazil.
  • State level: at this level public transport is made within the state. In other words, bus travels within the state.
  • Municipal level: travel by bus within individual town and cities in Brazil.
Bus transport providers in Brazil The lists below among others are the main transport providers by bus in Brazil. They are:
  1. A) Pluma
  2. B) Garcia
  3. C) transbrasiliana
  4. D) Nacional Expresso
Public transport by train in Brazil Passenger rail transport services are very few in Brazil that is why bus transportation is more preferable by the Brazilian to rail transportation. However, the rail transportation system in Brazil is more efficient in cargo transportation. In fact, a large portion of rail transport system is used for cargo transportation. Rail transport operations system in Brazil Local trains: These trains are used for regional transportation to some metropolitan suburbs, small interior towns and the coast. National trains: National trains operate across the cities in Brazil, people and goods are moved from one city to another by national trains, however, Sao Paulo State has no rail network that links the state with other cities aside from Sao Paulo State. International trains: Brazil has international trains that link the country with other countries that share border with Brazil. However, out of ten (10) countries that Brazil shares border with only three (3) of them can be reached by rail transport. The three countries are Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia. Local trains: Brazil also has local trains that are used for regional transport to some metropolitan suburbs, small interior towns and the coast. In conclusion, having considering the rail transport operations in Brazil, it is glaring that the rail transport system is not a common means of public transport. Source: AngloINFO