Road accident has become a major traffic problem in the world, which needs to be proactively addressed. The death and injuries from road accident are worrisome and the good news is that they can be reduced or prevented to the barest minimum. There is need to work hand in hand with all notable agencies relating to road safety to prevent road accidents. There is also need to create awareness that road safety is individual responsibility or better still, the responsibility of all road users, be it motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian, so that we can consciously reduce the rate of accidents on our roads.

There’s no doubt that road transport has brought better life and development to mankind. The difficulty of mobility for man, animals and things from one place to another has probably been the force behind motor vehicle invention by the inventors, hence, the saying: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The invention was aimed at a better life for humans, but today, due to human error, road transport has been identified as major cause of death in the world.

However, road accidents can be avoided if we work towards it, and that is the essence of this article. Since everyone is a road user and road transport is the most used mode of transport, this as a result has increased the high number of vehicle on public roads. For instance, in US close to 280 million vehicles ply public roads, while 277.5 million people are with valid US driver’s license and in 2018, not more than 12 million vehicles were involved in road accidents.

Like I have stated earlier in this article, motorization brings better life to man and the society as a whole but the rate of death and injuries while using the road remains worrisome. Road traffic accident is high in developing countries mostly in Africa where we have high number of poor people who are mostly pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers of buses and minibuses. For instance, in 2008, the India Ministry of Transport revealed that 119,860 road users died in road accidents while in 2009, 126,896 people died in road accidents while in 2010, 133,938 road users died in road accidents.

Road transport accident is majorly caused by human factors that is why I will like to say that road transport safety remains the responsibility of all road users irrespective of their category.