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There is a little foe that must be prevented in the aviation industry, it is an enemy of any given flight any day or any time. Having considered the above caption, I guess one may wonder what this little foe is. It is a rat! It is the little foe that can cause great damage to a plane. Oftentimes, no one understands or can explain how and when this little foe gets into an aircraft and once it is sighted, no one takes it for granted, no matter how small it appears. It is dangerous enough to cause havoc on a flying plane.

For instance, an airplane AI-952 was set to take off from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam when a rat (the little foe) was sighted in the airplane. However, the plane was delayed for nearly 12 hours at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport according to the Deccan Chronicle.

More so, a plane was delayed several hours when a rat was sighted on board, the plane was scheduled to travel from Amritar to Toronto and the journey was rescheduled for another plane.

In addition, a plane known as Loong Air’s flight DJ8823 in China was set to fly from Hangzhou to Bijie and shortly after taking off, a rat was discovered in the cabin. Hence, the cabin crew had no other choice than to fly back to Hangzhou International Airport where another passenger plane was scheduled for their flight to Bijie Feixiong Airport.

Furthermore, a passenger plane, Air Canada AC888 with 205 people on board, was set to travel from Canada to London Heathrow when a flier sighted a rat in an overhead locker. As a result of this incident, the flight captain asked all the fliers to come out of the said plane, in order to allow the pest control team to fish out the rat. Unfortunately, the rat was not found, hence, the flight was aborted and the passengers were delayed for the night while another airplane was scheduled for the journey.

Truly speaking, there are other cases where evidence of a rat’s presence in a plane has caused the plane to stay longer on the land than expected. This unwanted situation of a rat’s presence in a plane is high risk to the health and safety of all passengers or fliers on board. Therefore, the need to establish a reliable, regular servicing programme by the aviation industry to ensure that every passenger plane or aircraft is free from rat presence, probably through fumigation and disinfection before allowing it to set on a journey, is not in doubt.

Why Rat Presence in an Aircraft is Dangerous

The rat’s quest for food and shelter are basically reasons why they are found in a plane. One of the rat’s natural habits is to hide itself in unsuspected spots and thereafter cause serious damage through its natural inherent sense to consume any consumable item such as cables, wire, food, etc. It can also damage boxes, parcels, etc. It can as well be an agent carrier of diseases and parasites to both man and animal. These explain why it is an undesirable element in the airplane. Its size may appear so small and featherweight, but its presence in a plane is more than enough to cause a plane crash or to ground and delay a flight for several hours. Indeed, it’s undesirable element in any given flight.