Transport is important to the life of individual and to any given organization. No individual or any organization can do without it. It is an inevitable element for all. In fact, the importance of transport cannot be over emphasized in the society at large. Since, it is generally believed that transport is important in our society and it plays a key role in the nation’s economy of any country, then I also think, it is more important to talk about those that even need it more than us in our society. Most of the time I see a disabled man on the street struggle for mobility, I do have sympathy for them, I do imagine that if government can provide special public transport that is avoidable and convenience for disabled people their struggle for mobility will be over or lesser. Inequality in a Wrong Priority Often the time I hear most people talking or debating about gender inequality, they are so passionate about gender equality, while nobody or very few people talk about inequality we show to people with disability in the society. I imagine, if many people that talk about gender inequality are in their shoes how will they feel, as a person? Will they be still talking about equality for those that have eyes to see; those that have legs to walk; those that have hands to work and more importantly, those that have better opportunities to be successful in life, than a mere handicapped on the street begging for help, this is one of the ways which inequality may be more meaningful to me. I think inequality as it were, can be understood, better if we can imagine the discrimination that the disabled people are facing in our society. I am not actually against gender equality, but I think there is more important issue we need to talk about than gender equality and until this inequality we show to disabled people in our society is fully addressed especially in the area of transportation, campaigning for gender equality may be nothing than a self centered and a myopic priority. If transport problem for disabled people can be solved, then it means more than half of their problems in life have been solved. With this as an individual, debating for gender equality will be meaningful than it is now.  Disabled people rely mostly on transport. Do you know that people with disability use public transport even more than the general public? In other words, disabled people rely more on transportation for their mobility than the general public. But it is a pity and very unfortunate that special public transport they needed is not always available for them. They are denied of their civil right and equal opportunity in their own country. Many of them in some part of the world surfer for lacked of affordable and reliable special public transport they needed to access important opportunities in education, employment, health care, housing, to mention but a few, and we are making noise publicly about gender inequality, what other inequality do we need to eradicate that is more important than this in our society, lack of genuine feeling or sympathy for people with disability make people to ignore them in their own community. However, since the disabled people rely more on transport for their mobility, government at any level should rise up to the task by providing special public transport for disabled people in our society. They are fellow citizen like us and they deserve the special buses or vehicles that are accessible by wheelchair. Special bus stop that can be easily accessible by wheelchair can also be located in different part of the city for them. Since we know that government belongs to all, then special public transport for handicapped is a right and a desirable government responsibility.