Air transport is important to any nation, people and organization. It is the fastest mode of transport that provides access to different cities in the world. However, the following are the award winner in 2016 airline awards: Airline of the year :Air New Zealand has been rated as the best airline for the year 2016. The airline offers economy seats to its customers and also takes good care of all its customers, the airline has 10, 500 staff globally that work with passion to make Air New Zealand a great industry. Best First Class: Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways won the award. The airways offers excellence, First Class and Business Class to its passengers. The First Class apartment is much more than a seat; it is exceptional product that stuns every passenger .Best Business Class: Singapore Airlines is rated as the Best Business Class for the year 2016. In its business quality meals are served with wines, video or audio is also provided on demand to passengers. Noise canceling headphones and amenity are also provided to the customers. The seats in the Business Class also have seat pitch of at least 55 inch which can be transformed in to flat beds. Best Premium Economy: Air New Zealand has won the Best Premium Economy. Premium Economy is that seat between Business and Economy Class; it is 30% expensive more than Economy class and 70% cheaper than Business Class. Many airline industries do not want to introduce Premium Economy because they believe it will reduce the passengers for Business Class. They believe it will downgrade Business Class, if introduced.  Best Economy:  Air New Zealand is also considered as the Best Economy airline. The airline has excellent customer care. The customer service in Air New Zealand is very welcoming. The cabin crews are also efficient and friendly, due to the customer service from the cabin crew you will surely enjoy your flight no matter how long it is. Best Low Cost Airlines   There are 4 airlines that won this award this year because it is a competitive award. However, the 4 airlines that won the award are: Virgin America, Scoot, and Norwegian. These 4 airlines enable millions of people to travel by air by providing affordable flight for them. Best Lounges:  The Qantas Lounges won the award. The lounges provide complimentary food and beverages and the airline’s lounges have internet access that can handle the demand of what is lacking in many lounges. Best Caterin: Qantas also won the award, the airline offer cheaper and quality meal when you compare it to       other airline. It also provides opportunities to its numerous customers to order their meal online before ahead the flight. Source: ( it is the world’s safety and product rating website.