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Top 10 Railway Network in the World

The following are the 10 countries with the longest railway network in the world:
  1. USA has not less than 250,000 km network.
  2. China has over 100,000 rail networks.
  3. Russian has over 85,000 rail networks.
  4. India is 1st in Asia countries and 4th in the world with 65,000 km operating route. Source:
  5. Canada is on the fifth position with 48,000km rail network.
  6. Germany has 41,000 km rail network.
  7. Australia has 40,000 km rail network.
  8. Argentina has 36,000 km rail network.
  9. France has 29,000 km rail network. It is 2nd in Europe and 9th in the world.
  10. Brazil has 28,000km rail network.
Source: Railway


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