Transport and tourism are two sides of a coin that cannot be separated from each other when it comes to tourism industry. Although, transport can survive without tourism but tourism cannot survive without transportation, this explains why transport is more crucial in tourism industry. Transport plays a key role in expansion of both international and national tourism, transport provides connections between regions, domestically and internationally and connecting attractions, accommodation and commercial services. Transport as it were has major effect on the growth of tourism in any nation. The important of tourism varies from one country to another and it has the potential to contribute significantly to the country’s wealth. At this point, it is important to examine the benefits of tourism to any nation and to also see why transport is so crucial to achieve these benefits. * Tourism creates employment. One of the benefits of tourism is the jobs it brings to the people; it creates direct employments, such direct employments are tour guides, hotel staff, coach services, restaurants, drivers among others. Another interesting fact about tourism is that they source for locally produced goods and products; this means tourism can also boost local industries, therefore, creating indirect jobs to the people. Therefore, without transport job creation in tourism will be difficult, if not impossible. *It makes more money available in local community Tourism enhances global trade, there are quite number of basic human needs that a tourist will like to buy or have, example of these needs are: food, clothing, hairdressing, transportation, medical services and so on, therefore, the money spent by the tourists at the tourist center on their basic needs, makes more money available in the community thereby, boosting the local economy of the community. Nevertheless, if tourist centers are not easily accessible by train or bus, then the act of buying and selling will appear to be a mere fallacy, as a result of this, more money will not available to boost the economy of the community. *Economy diversification Tourism is another way to generate revenue into the economy. Tourism is essential to a community or country that relies majorly on a single industry, to such country or community; it is a viable source to generate revenue. *It improves infrastructure. Tourism enables a nation to develop infrastructure of the nation’s rural area where tourist centers are located, for any tourist center to function very well and to attract a lot of tourists, then good infrastructure must be developed. Building of good roads, parking space, hospital, electricity, airports and so on, will encourage more visitors (tourists) to visit tourist center in the local area. Since tourism also generates a lot of revenue to the economy, then, government is also expected to develop good infrastructure for tourist centers. *It brings cultural advantages. Tourism can also be used to protect cultural heritage of a particular community where tourist center is located. Tourists may also have the opportunity to know the history of the local community. It also promotes inter-cultural exchange. However, it is important to note that the huge benefits that tourism brings to the communities and the nation at large cannot be achieved without transportation. This explains why transport is inevitable in tourism.