A thumb is the short tick finger that is located at the side of your hand. It is a strong finger that supports other fingers to function very well. More also, a thumb has natural capacity or endowment to touch other fingers. No any other finger has this endowment; in other words, no any finger can easily touch other fingers except the thumb, this shows why thumb is most unique finger among its equals. However, in our contemporary world I have discovered that transport is that thumb that touches other fingers. It is a desirable element in life for all. No individual, organization or a nation can do without transport. Transport is relevant to all aspect of human life. It is important to health care, education, economy, tourism, just to mention a few. In fact, it is the most desirable essential element that has no barrier to any aspect or activity on earth. For example, a sick man or patient will not consult a veterinary doctor for treatment likewise a human doctor will not prescribe drugs for animals, even though both of them are trained to save lives in medicine one is to save the life of an animal and the other to save human life and by profession they are not meant to cross their boundaries. In other words, their disciplines have a barrier or a limit, but transport is not so, it is relevant to all, either animal or man. For instance, if an animal e.g. a dog is made to walk from one place to another in order to get a treatment from a veterinary doctor and a man also walks into an hospital to see a doctor, do you know that both of them have engaged in transport? Walking is also a form of transport and it is the oldest form of transport on earth. Therefore, no any living creature or organism e.g. man or animal that can do without transport. It is through transport they can access to other opportunities, like education, employment, health care, etc. However, for more understanding let us examine the importance of transportation to some aspect of human endeavors; To the Manufacturer or Producer: It is the major element that links the factors of production together. It also improves the relationship between the producers and its final consumers. Therefore, transport to the manufacturers is inevitable. To the Farmer: The easy evacuation of agric produce and accessible of items needed in a farm land such as tractor, fertilizer, etc., are made possible through efficient transportation. To the Health Care Delivery: Through transportation health centers can be easily accessible by patients. Even in the case of emergency, transport plays an important role in providing fast or just-in-time transport service to the victim, hence, it contributes to the better health delivery. In other words, transport also supports life. In Tourism Industry: Transport is the most desirable element in tourism, without transport tourism industry will be a daydream or a mirage. To the Economy: Without any element of doubt, efficient transport is a vital component of economic development both nationally and globally. To a Nation: It is a noticeable linkage that links or connects different parts of a country together and a global world at large. To a new community site: Transport is important to create a sustainable environment in a new community site. Transport cannot be overemphasized in the early stage of a new community. Absence of transport alone can affect the well-being of the whole community and may also lead to long term financial and social cost. In conclusion, since, transport support all aspect of human endeavors be it political, social, education, to mention but a few, hence, it can be rightly construe that transport is a thumb that touches other fingers.