Do you know air bags pose a potential risk for passengers who are shorter than average, and the little children? Although airbag saves lives, yet it could be dangerous, if necessary precautions are not taken. In fact, it may kill, that is why airbag safety precautions are necessary. For instance, airbag is dangerous to children of age twelve (12) and below. This is because the speed at which airbag inflates when there is a collision may cause a severe injury or kill the occupants who are too close to the airbag. However, it is better for children to ride in the center of the back seat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urges car owners or parents to always remember these safety tips:
  1. The back seat is the safest place for children of any age to ride.
  2. Never put an infant (less than one year old) in the front seat of a car with a passenger side airbag.
  3. Infant must always ride facing the rear of the car.
  4. Make sure everyone is buckled up. Unbuckled occupants can be hurt or killed by an airbag.
  5. If your vehicle has a passenger side airbag, do not use a rear facing restraint in the front seat. The only exception is if there no back seat and there is a switch to deactivate the passenger bag. If there is no switch the children should not ride in such a vehicle.
  6. According to a New York Times article, government statistics have shown that, in 1996, 19 “short statured” people, most of whom were not wearing seat belts, have died as a result of air bags crashes they otherwise could have survived.
Since it does not hurt to be safety courteous hence, these precautions are important to make our airbags safer.